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How To Get a Celeb to Follow You on Twitter

How To Get A Celeb To Follow You On Twitter

Celebrities have millions of followers craving their attention on nearly every social media platform. Everybody is trying to have their moment with their favorites — whether on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. So, getting noticed by your favorite (or not-so-favorite celebrity) requires a wee bit of work.

Getting noticed by a celebrity in any way possible is sheer joy. When any Célébrité (excuse my French) follows you or retweets or comments, it is like you have connected with them. This connection is more valuable than all the treasures as it shows you have something special that they noticed.

Quick Answer

For making famous people your followers on Twitter, start by following the verified and active celebrity account. Then, grab their attention through your tweets, comments, and hashtags. Engage with them and their top fans. Lastly, always show your full support for their work and whatever they believe. Once you have their attention, you can ask them to follow you. If you are lucky, they will follow you!

Keep reading to know more on the way to the heart (Twitter account in this case) of your favorite starlet.

Getting a Celeb To Follow You on Twitter

Here are some tips and tricks that will make your favorite Celeb follow you on Twitter.

Find the Celebrity Account (Verified) and Press Follow

The first step is to find a celebrity that shares similar interests as yours or suits your fancy. Then, look for their verified Twitter account — I repeat, VERIFIED ACCOUNT. A verified account is one with a Twitter handle (a tiny white tick with a blue flower). Avoid the phony (without Twitter handle) ones claiming the authenticity with celebrity pictures and updates.

Follow celebrities that are active on Twitter. Check out the frequency of their tweets. Also, look for how much they engage with the public by sharing their views, thoughts, and other information on upcoming events. Active Twitter stars retweet and follow back.

Make sure the celebrity you are investing your time with has a history of following fans. Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, and Ke$Ha are some celebrities who are very engaging with their fans on Twitter.

Some Important Pointers

  • Follow celebrities’ accounts managed by them, not by their PR team.
  • One way to find whether the celebrity is using Twitter personally is by the content they share. If all posts seem more business and not personal or conversational, then it might be the work of PR.
  • Stars who are very engaging with fans, tweeting, replying to comments, and sharing everything about their lives are likely to follow fans.

Grab Their Attention  

Once you have decided which celebrity you want to follow, it is now time to grab their attention. It is something that is most difficult to achieve as there are zillions out there seeking their attention.

One way to do that is by creating unique, witty, and fun tweets with relevant hashtags (ones the celeb is currently promoting). Then if the celebrity is trying to promote something — perhaps their movie, music, or any charity work, show your interest by retweeting their posts. Show them encouragement through your comments and reactions.  

By doing all that consistently, you will finally catch their attention.

Some Important Pointers

  • Do not make overexcited, overzealous, or flattering comments all the time. Try to be more intuitive, animated, and insightful.
  • Do not be an annoying fan who comments on every post and is not genuine.
  • Show celebrities how their work or contribution changed your life is a better way to gain their attention. You can add your pictures showing how much you enjoyed their work at that moment to give a more personalized touch.
  • Also, you can make your tweets stand out by showing your funny side to the celebrity.
  • Do not spam the celebrity with your messages, as they will eventually start ignoring you.

Do not get so obsessive with a celebrity that you start sounding creepy or stalkerish. Do not use bizarre profile photos or usernames. For instance, “jlobelongstome” or “icankillforbeyonnce” usernames are offensive and psychopathic.

Engage With the Celebrity

Do your little investigation and try to find out the top fans of the celebrity (better, the ones they follow). Now, follow them and start engaging with them. Reply to their fan’s posts and try to make invigorating tweets that ultimately get retweeted. Star will notice you if you are constant on their feed. And you never know they might follow you.

Show Your Constant Support

Be supportive of whatever the celeb is promoting or believes in. If the star is vocal about climate change, show your support through your comments or tweets. Encourage others to follow the cause.

Also, make your celeb know how you are contributing to their cause. Seeing your genuine dedication will eventually urge them to communicate with you or appreciate you.


Do not follow any celebrity if their persona does not match you or your interests. Celebs are very sharp and can detect genuine fans and also ones only seeking attention.

Ask Them Politely To Follow You

Once you know you have made a connection with the celebrity, ask them to follow you. Be respectful in your request and try to put it in nice words.

Tell them how much it would mean the world to you if they follow you. Do not sound threatening or imposing while requesting.

Summing It Up

Making famous people your followers is one way to become relevant among your acquaintances and friends on social media. Getting followed by a celebrity on any social media account is as good as meeting in person with them. It’s fun, exciting, and such ego-boosting stuff

So, if you want your favorite celebrity to follow you on Twitter, just follow them. Grab their attention, engage with them and their fans and be as polite, respectful, witty, and less creepy as possible. Once they notice you, they will acknowledge you (for sure) if you are genuine.

Words of Advice

1. Follow celebrities you care for or have something in common with.

2. Be active on Twitter with regular posts.

3. Do not spam, threaten, or bribe a celebrity to follow you.

4. Try to comment or retweet as soon as a celebrity has tweeted, as chances are they are online and will notice you.

5. Be always patient and consistent.

6. If you have spent considerable time on one celebrity and got no results, work on others instead of wasting your time. 

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