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What Is the Longest Snapchat Streak?

What Is The Longest Snapchat Streak

Snapchat presents its users with a social experience that allows them to share snippets of their day and stay up to date with what their family and friends are doing. However, certain aspects of the app may seem confusing to new users. One of these is Snapchat streaks.

This article discusses what Snapchat streaks are and what is the longest Snapchat streak. Let’s begin.

What Is a Snapchat Streak?

When you and your friend send snaps back and forth to each other at least once in a period of twenty-four hours for three to four days straight, you will see a small flame icon next to that friend’s name. This is a Snapchat streak.

The number next to the streak shows the number of days you have been sending snaps to each other. Your Snapchat streak will keep increasing as you continue snapping each other.

What Is The Longest Snapchat Streak?

There are two types of Snapchat users. The first type sends snaps to chat with their friends. But the other type sends snaps every day just so that they can maintain their streak.

The longest Snapchat streak recorded to date is 2478, and it belongs to Daniel and Robin. These two users have been sending snaps to each other for 2478 days straight.

That’s quite the record!

How Can You Keep a Streak Going?

Snap Streak

Maintaining a long snap streak is more complicated than you think! When you start, it seems pretty straightforward, but it can be difficult.

If you want to make a Snapchat streak last, you need to make it a point to send a snap to someone every day. It’s easy to brush off a ten-day streak that dies, but when a hundred-day snap streak goes to waste, it’s hard to begin all over again.

Here are a few ways you can keep your snap streak going:

  • Set up a routine. Send snaps to the person you have a streak with at one particular time of the day so that you don’t forget. It can be in the morning, right before you sleep, or any other time that works for you.
  • Keep a check to make sure that the person has snapped you back too.
  • Make sure that you share a photo or a video. A chat does not count.

Can You Recover a Snap Streak?

Let’s say you slacked and lost your snap streak of over a hundred days. If you’re a die-hard snapper, this can hurt. So, can you recover it? Thankfully, yes. Here are a few ways you can keep your snap streak going:

You need to submit a form to Snapchat support to recover a Snap streak, and they will help you out. But don’t expect to get it back in a few minutes. It can take up to a few days.


Only die-hard Snapchat users know the joy of a long snap streak. To have a long snap streak, you need to continuously snap the other person at least once each day for three to four days.

The number next to the fire icon shows how many days you and your friend have been snapping each other back and forth. The longest Snapchat streak recorded to date is 2478, and it belongs to Daniel and Robin.


What happens when you get a 1000-day streak on Snapchat?

You get a charm sticker next to the person’s name with whom you have a 1000-day streak.

What is the highest snap score of 2021?

The highest snap score of 2021 was 61 million, and it belongs to dion_19.

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