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How To Get a Celebrity To Notice You on Instagram?

How To Get A Celbrity To Notice You On Instagram

You and I know why Instagram is so different and popular compared to other Social media platforms.

There is so much transparency in getting to know the most famous people, with the immense scope of you getting popular as well.

It is obvious that you would want to communicate with your favorite celebrity and get noticed for many reasons.

But who knows the ideal way of reaching out to them?

And who assures that they would catch you out of the large crowd trying to do the same?

So, how can you get a celebrity to notice you on Instagram?

Quick Answer

Getting noticed by a celebrity on Instagram requires consistent efforts applied with respect, kindness, and honesty. If your intentions are just for social attention, all the efforts you implement during the process will fail.

Anyways, give up on your worries now. I am here to provide you with nine golden tips on reaching out to your favorite celebrity on Instagram and getting noticed.

Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Noticed by a Celebrity

Before proceeding, let’s understand why most people fail to fulfill this desire:

  • You expect the response just for social validation.
  • You relentlessly do DMs.
  • You lack no serious reason that makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • You give up just after trying for a few days.
  • You are obsessed with getting their attention through hate comments.

Nine Golden Rules To Get Noticed by Your Favourite Celebrity

If you do not connect to any of the reasons mentioned above, congratulations!

Now, let’s talk about something that works.

Rule #1: Have a Great Intention

Why do you want to get noticed by a celebrity?

Is it only for the sake of the simple interaction so that you can feel happier knowing that a celebrity noticed you?

If the reason is only that you’re a big fan, and it will make you feel validated if they reply to your DMs or like or comment on your post, please say goodbye to that attitude.

Your best move will be to set a good intention or a reason that will benefit not only you but will also be something your celebrity or their inner circle will be interested in.

Rule #2: Make Your Profile Public and Interesting

There are many things we can’t control on social media, but we can make sure our page, what we publish, and who we follow are all engaging, unique, and eye-catching.

A private profile will not do any good if, by any chance, your favorite celebrity or the people in their network are trying to know about you.

Make a public profile and if your celebrity supports a particular organization, include information about it and add your own views on the same.

Make sure that whatever you mention about them and their work is thought-provoking and stimulates conversation.

Rule #3: Follow Your Favourite Celebrities and Their Inner Circle

If you didn’t follow them in the first place, it’s unlikely for you to get noticed. You are free to follow as many celebrities as you wish.

The problem is that the more followers they have, the more challenging it is for you to get discovered.

Well, we all know this. Did anyone tell you how helpful it can be to get in touch with the celebrity’s network?

Explore the people who surround the celebrity daily, including their makeup artist, fitness instructor, family, and friends. Follow them with the same intention and be active on their pages.

Rule #4: Utilize Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best features of Instagram that will work in your favor if utilized with best practices.

Post the stuff on your account that matches the celebrity’s interests and activities.

For instance, to socialize with a celebrity known for her cosmetic abilities or fashion sense, you could post about these topics and use hashtags that the celebrity also uses.


Don’t tag the celebrity’s name extensively. Rather than come across as a crazy fan, try to appear as someone who has similar interests and might become a friend.

Rule #5: Be Quick To View Their Posts

Take advantage of the “turn on post notification” feature of Instagram. Be the first to leave a comment on their pictures.

They should have noticed you after twenty-one photos – or less. Of course, striking out as the first commenter every single time is a difficult task.

But yeah, you wouldn’t care about the difficulty if your vision is for the greater good!

However, you must ensure that your comment is appealing for them to respond.


Do not write something like “first comment” the way you do on your best friend’s post. That stuff doesn’t work.

Rule #6: Show Your Speciality

Another strategy to grab famous people’s attention on Instagram is to show off your talents.

The talent that has something to do with them. If you are good at singing, make a cover of one of their songs, post it on Instagram, and tag them.

Don’t give up if they don’t notice you the first time.

Sometimes you probably have to do an entire album cover to get their attention. If you have a burning desire or a greater intention, it’s well worth it.

Rule #7: Comment and Tag Them Along With Their Favorite People/Friends

This tactic must be something you wouldn’t have thought about.

But imagine what happens when you tag your celebrity with their best friend(s). They will receive a notification that mentions their close connections.

Then, if they feel your comment or post is worthy enough, they might respond. Even if it doesn’t happen, the celebrity’s friend might still respond to you.

Rule #8: Be Active in the Organization They Promote

Often, celebrities have their foundations or support organizations that inspire people to be kind to one another.

Participate in any campaign they’re running so you can take advantage of the opportunity to get their attention.

If you are making great efforts, chances are, they can brag about you to other fans because you’re such a great fan.

Rule #9: Repost Their Photos

Choose your words carefully. Do not reshare everything your celebrity posts on social media.

Choose wisely, my dear friend!

Did your favorite actress say something incredibly inspirational that moved you?

Reshare it with your thoughtful commentary. They’re going to notice.

They’ll be grateful that you shared something meaningful with them and appreciate that it was significant enough to share it again. Also, explain why it’s also influential to you.

To Sum Up

However, we are playing the probability game.

There is no single direct way to reach your goal.

Ultimately, you are just the small fish in their big sea of fans.

So be patient and keep trying with good hope.

Pro Tip: Gift Your Favourite Celebrity

If you are an artist, own a brand, or just want to present something out of love or appreciation, this tip has very few chances of disappointing you (if done the right way).

But before giving them any presents, learn about the celebrity’s interests and the types of products they love and would like to promote.

You can also gift them a personalized gift/product. It is highly suggested that you contact the publicist or manager to double-check the address.

Also, make sure you’re reaching the correct individual. If you can reach out to the celebrity’s assistant, there’s a good possibility they’ll be eager to try out the gift/product and recommend it.  

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