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How To Flirt on Facebook Messenger?

How To Flirt On Facebook Messenger

Flirting over the internet is a great way to develop relationships with others, boost self-esteem, explore, have fun, and create real-life relationships.

While Facebook has an official dating site, Facebook Dating, Messenger remains a decent way to establish connections, flirt, and create meaningful relationships with potential users.

Are you wondering where to start and how to flirt on Facebook Messenger? We wrote this post to give you tips on Facebook Messenger flirting.

Quick Answer

To flirt on Facebook Messenger, send the person you are interested in a friend request if you are not friends yet. Once they have added you as a friend, introduce yourself by chatting with them on Messenger.

Be honest and authentic from the beginning. Ask questions to draw their attention and develop a deep conversation. Avoid one-word responses. Let the conversation flow naturally. Send them content they are interested in, such as funny videos and memes. Take the conversation to the next step if they are interested.

In this post, we share tips on how to flirt on Facebook Messenger.

How To Flirt on Facebook Messenger?

Flirting on Facebook is a decent way to establish genuine connections with people you are interested in. It is less scary than real-life flirting because texting is easier than speaking.

Below are tips on how to flirt on Facebook Messenger.

Tip #1: Send Them a Friend Request

Flirting with a Facebook friend on Messenger is easier because you already have a relationship with the person.

However, it can get weird if you slide into someone’s DMs out of the blue without adding them to your friends list first.

Moreover, Facebook may mark your message as spam; most users don’t read messages in the “Message Request” section.

For this reason, send the person you are interested in a friend request if you are not friends.

Having mutual friends, having attended the same institution, or coming from the same hometown increases your chances of the other person accepting your request.

However, don’t shy away from adding them as a friend, even if you have nothing in common.

Tip #2: Like Their Most Recent or Engaged Post

It makes sense to go through someone’s profile if you like them. Review their profile to learn their interests, hobbies, favorite music, best author, and more. Knowing these things gives you ideas to start a conversation.

Like the most recent or engaged post in their timeline to show went through their profile because it evokes interest.

The post can be their most-read article, profile picture, or event. However, don’t spam like their posts, as it may make you appear weird and creepy.

Tip #3: Introduce Yourself via Messenger

Once the person accepts your friend request, send them a short introductory direct message.

For instance, if you have mutual friends, you can say something like, “Hey Julie, I am Mark. I see you are friends with my cousin Brad and I was wondering if you were at his wedding. I think I saw someone like you at the after-party.”

An introductory message breaks the ice and gives the two of you something to talk about. You can also comment on an opinion they shared on their post, a book they reviewed, hobbies, interests, and the town they live in.

Tip #4: Be Honest and Authentic

One mistake most people make when flirting online is adopting a particular personality to impress someone they like.

For instance, if someone says they like hip-hop music, you pretend you also like it to seem cool and likable. It doesn’t end well when the other person realizes you were being dishonest to get their attention.

Be honest and authentic. It is easier to be yourself because the vibe will never change if the flirting escalates into a more meaningful relationship.

Tip #5: Ask Questions

An introductory message may end up in a few more exchanges before dying down if there is no depth in the conversation.

There is no better way to keep the conversion on Facebook Messenger going than asking questions. Ask about their interests while keeping off personal questions.

For instance, if they shared a funny pet video, you could ask if they are a dog or cat person. You can then carry on the conversation by sharing that you are a dog person and have two little puppies that you take for walks every evening.

Tip #6: Avoid One-Word Responses

One-word responses are conversation killers. Always add relevant information to your one-word answers to sustain the flirting for as long as possible.

For instance, if the other person asks if you love sports, you could say, “Yes. My favorite sport is motor racing, and Lewis Hamilton is my favorite race car driver.”

Tip #7: Let the Conversation Flow Naturally

There are many rules on what to do and avoid during flirting. Instead of worrying about these rules, let the conversation flow naturally.

Instant replies may be a red flag to some, while others may deem it as maturity and authenticity.

However, have some restraint; take time to respond to create well-thought responses. Moreover, you don’t want to appear desperate or someone who spends their whole day online.

Tip #8: Send Them Content That Appeals to Them

People like it when you share something that appeals to them because it shows you are interested in them and know what they like.

For instance, if someone likes sarcastic memes, share several memes once in a while. You could say, “Here are some of my best sarcastic SpongeBob SquarePants memes. I hope you find them funny.”

Tip #9: Take the Conversation to the Next Level

There are various motives behind flirting on Facebook Messenger. If the other person seems interested and you would like to take the conversation to the next level, follow the following guidelines:

  • Ask them out on a casual date to hang out in person.
  • Share your phone number with them and ask them to call or text you if they agree.
  • Invite them to an up-close gathering, such as a book club, party, or event.

Wrapping Up

When you know how to initiate and sustain a conversation, flirting on social media is easy.

However, there is a fine line between being friendly and acting creepy, so do it like a pro.

We hope this guide has taught you how to flirt on Facebook Messenger.

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