How To FaceTime Your Crush

How To Facetime Your Crush

We understand the goosebumps one gets when talking with their crush. It gets intense when you talk with them via video chat, like FaceTime.

So, if you plan to FaceTime your crush, you must equip yourself with tips that will help ensure you don’t feel awkward while on the call and that you don’t end up in a boring conversation. That said, stick around as we discuss how best to FaceTime your crush.

Quick Answer

Everything starts with the first impression. So, you must check your appearance before joining FaceTime. Ensure you look presentable and that your background is neat. Moreover, keep the salutations brief and focus on complimenting your crush. Ensure you have good and interesting conversation starters to keep the conversation flowing, and don’t make your crush uncomfortable at any point. Furthermore, maintain a good posture during the call and a smiley appearance to spark the mood.

We will first discuss whether FaceTime is the best for talking with your crush. Afterward, we will dig in on how best to FaceTime your crush to see the tips you should follow to eliminate awkwardness and kill a boring conversation.

Is FaceTime Reliable for Talking With Your Crush?

Yes, it is. FaceTime is available for Apple users and only requires an active internet connection. With FaceTime, you engage in a video chat with your crush. Although many people are more comfortable speaking in a voice call, it makes sense to use FaceTime, where you can bond more with your crush.

FaceTime allows you to properly express yourself when talking with your crush as you can see your crush in real-time, watch their reaction, get an instant reply, and watch them as they speak. You will likely get to know each other better using FaceTime than other communication platforms.

Besides, if you wish to share something long or a story with your crush, facing them in a video call is the best approach. That way, you save yourself from typing long sentences. So, if you can FaceTime with your crush, it’s a better approach to talking to them, and we will see how to maximize it.

How To FaceTime Your Crush

When talking with your crush via text, you can ask them whether they are available to FaceTime. Once they agree, decide when you wish to FaceTime each other. After that, wait for the agreed time and start FaceTime.

While that sounds easy, a few details must be considered to ensure you maximize FaceTime to avoid boring conversations and awkward moments.

Work on Your Background

Your background matters. Hence, before you make the FaceTime call, ensure you are in a presentable background, as it will be visible to your crush. Keep it simple and neat.

Work on Your Appearance

When talking to your crush, ensure your appearance is excellent. That way, you increase your chances of getting closer to your crush. Besides, they will likely comment on your appearance.

Check Your Posture

When making your FaceTime, focus on getting a good posture and place your phone in a good position. That way, when talking with you, your crush will get a good view of your face and background.

Keep Salutations Brief

Although each FaceTime begins with salutations, you must focus on keeping them brief. That way, you won’t feel awkward by overfocusing on the greetings. You can quickly bore your crush with plenty and prolonged greetings if you are not keen.

Compliment Your Crush

When your start FaceTime, take time to compliment your crush respectfully. Everyone enjoys compliments, and when you do it right, your crush will be smiling and happy.

Get Conversation Starters

FaceTime can get boring when you lack conversation starters. It is advisable to plan what you will talk about. That way, you won’t run out of conversation starters to keep FaceTime interesting.

Pay Attention

When your crush is talking, you must pay attention. People are more willing to keep talking when they know someone is giving them an ear. Besides, you can create conversation starters based on your crush’s words.

Keep Them Comfortable

At no point should you make your crush feel uncomfortable. So, avoid uncomfortable topics, which could easily kill their vibe and create an awkward moment.

End the FaceTime

It is best to keep FaceTime short. That way, you will create an urge to FaceTime again soon. So, politely end the FaceTime by mentioning you have errands to handle and appreciate your crush for their time.


This guide has eight tips to follow when you want to FaceTime your crush. Follow them and enjoy talking with your crush.

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