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How To Fix Following Too Fast on TikTok

How To Fix Following Too Fast On Tiktok

I am sure most of you are here because you have encountered the ‘You’re following too fast’ error on TikTok. Many users have complained that TikTok prevented them from following new accounts by giving this message. It’s frustrating, and you want to know what to do about it.

First, understand why you are getting this message from TikTok. It is because you are following people faster than an average person, which seems more automated. TikTok finds such activity suspicious of spamming/ bots. So, to prevent you from proceeding further, TikTok may limit your following activity for a few minutes to hours.

Quick Answer

The best solution to deal with this problem is to wait. After a few minutes to hours (depending on the gravity and frequency of your offense), you will again be able to follow accounts. You can, however, try other remedies like updating your TikTok App, clearing the App’s cache, and even filing a report, if the problem persists more than usual.

This article will cover the “Following too fast” error and how to fix and avoid it. Let’s learn more.

“Following Too Fast” Error on TikTok

If you have recently joined TikTok, the chances are you might have encountered this issue due to your negligence. Even I faced it as soon as I joined TikTok. I got so excited with the content that I started following people who appeared on my For You Page. So, TikTok banned my account from following additional accounts.

Now, all people are not that naïve to follow so many people accidentally one at a time. Some people might have this follow/unfollow strategy, where they follow an account in anticipation of a follow back. So, they commit this crime.

Whatever the reason is, to prevent spamming or bot activities, TikTok issues this message to users. Such an aggressive following does not seem like normal human behavior but rather something more automated.

For example, it is not normal behavior to follow more than 1000 accounts in an hour. Nobody does that!

200 Accounts in 24 Hours

TikTok has not given an exact number of accounts you can follow in an hour. According to our research, many sources claim that TikTok users cannot follow more than 30 accounts in an hour. It is still rational to follow a reasonable number of accounts in an hour. Overall, you can follow 10,000 accounts on TikTok and 200 accounts in 24 hours.  

How To Fix the “Following Too Fast” Problem

Trying to fix this error will not take much of your sweat. Let’s discuss some ways you can resolve this issue.

Wait It Out

You have to wait for this error to disappear automatically. This error generally takes a few minutes to a few hours to disappear. It will take more time if you have frequently/continuously committed this offense. 

For example, TikTok has suspended you from following additional accounts, and after a few minutes of unsuspending, you start following people again. This time TikTok will punish you again, but the duration of the punishment will be longer than the first time. 

According to TikTok, it can even disable an account for 24 hours to prevent spamming.


Do not follow people excessively after serving the punishment. Take it slow to prevent getting blocked by TikTok for longer.  

Some Other Fixes

What if a considerable time has passed and TikTok still does not allow you to follow accounts? What to do if TikTok has wrongfully banned you from the additional following as you never committed a such offense?

The simple solution to all these questions is still – wait and see. But, if things do not go back to normal, you can go for these options.

Clear the App’s Cache

Sometimes errors can (not guaranteed) be removed by clearing the app’s cache. Again, we do not guarantee this will be a fix, but there is no harm in trying it.

You can check our article about TikTok’s cache to learn more about the cache and how to clear it.

Update the App

If your App is running in an old version, it might be acting funny. So, it is better to go to App Store or Play Store and look for updates. It might help you resolve this issue (again, not guaranteed).

You Can Report the Issue to TikTok

If you think that TikTok has mistakenly suspended you from following accounts, then you can report it to TikTok. 

  1. Launch TikTok App and tap on Profile at the bottom right corner.
  2. Open the Menu by clicking the three-line icon. Select Setting & Privacy.
  3. Scroll down to the Support section and select Report a Problem.
  4. Select Follow/likes/comments and “Following too fast.”
  5. If the information provided didn’t help you, tap No and “Need more help.”
  6. Compose your message with a screenshot of the problem, hit the Submit button, and wait for the reply.

Please note this process will take more time to get a reply from TikTok. The matter itself will get resolved on its own faster.

It is, however, better to report if you think TikTok has wrongfully suspended your following feature. TikTok will give you reasons even for its action.

How To Avoid Getting “Following Too Fast” on TikTok

Follow people in intervals, like following two accounts, waiting 2 minutes to follow others. Do not follow more than 200 accounts in a day.

For the safe side, keep your hourly following to 30 accounts. Avoid automation tools or bots.  


If you have enthusiastically followed many accounts on TikTok, it will disable your following ability. You will get this error, ‘You’re following too fast, and you can no longer follow anyone for some time.

The best way to deal with this situation is to adopt – wait & see attitude. Generally, TikTok will unban your following ability after a few minutes/hours. You can always try other things like updating your TikTok App, clearing the App’s cache, and even filing a report to TikTok.

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