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What Does “WSP” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does “Wsp” Mean On Snapchat

There are two categories of Snapchat users – those who live by slang and those who loathe it. Either way, as a social platform, it needs some getting used to because the language there can be confusing. Have you received a “WSP” snap or inbox on Snapchat and got a migraine from trying to figure out what it means?

Quick Answer

“WSP” is an acronym for what’s up. Yes, pretty simple, though; it can boggle your mind. It is a casual way of checking up on another person and trying to find out how they are doing.

I almost thought it had something to do with WhatsApp – the application whose name sounds like the complete form of “WSP.” Anyway, for the casual buddies who love slang, here’s another one to add to your dictionary.

Keep reading the article to know what “WSP” means on Snapchat, some of its other meanings (these might be usable on the platform or apply to other sectors), its usage, and replies.

What Is “WSP”?

“WSP” is an acronym for What’s Up. It is a typical laid-back way of finding out how someone is doing. It is an alternative for something like “HRU” or “how are you,” but a little fancy. While it sounds teenage and young, even adults use it more often across most platforms.

It is one of the versatile greetings you can use to ask a Snapchat user what they are up to at the moment. “WSP” is a conversation starter, and its meaning cuts across Instagram, text, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

Snapchat users often send the abbreviation on their own to strike a conversation. Others will add one or two follow-up questions that still aim at the acronym’s meaning.

This one can be tricky if you are a novice at slang. But, the first letter ‘W’ can be easy to guess. ‘S’ and ‘P’ will be challenging considering the long form of “WSP” is only two words, and the last start with ‘U.’

How Is “WSP” Used?

“WSP” is used the same way as in a face-to-face, text, or phone conversation. When someone texts you “WSP,” they are checking on you. They want to know how you are faring.

Sometimes, you can use it to check if a Snapchat friend can hang out. However, it is used in this manner between friends who often hang out together.

Also, if you have users on your friends’ list who you haven’t chatted with in a while, this acronym will be great to reconnect. You will use it to check in on a pal or family.

As an open-ended conversation starter, the other party will tell you how they are and what they’ve been up to.

When To Use “WSP” on Snapchat?

“WSP” can be an informal greeting. See below some situations when you can use it on Snapchat:

  • When checking on a Snapchat friend to find out how they are doing.
  • If you have plans and want to hang out with a Snapchat user on your friends’ list.
  • When you haven’t chatted with someone for a long time and want to start a conversation.
  • On rare occasions, it is used when you are angry with someone and want to show your frustration with them.

How To Reply to “WSP”?

When someone sends you “WSP,” you can reply by telling them what you are doing at the moment or what you have been up to. You can get further casual and silly if it is from someone you often joke with.

Be Careful

Be careful when replying to “WSP” messages from strangers on Snapchat. You don’t want to disclose important information that might compromise your safety.

Other Meanings of “WSP”

Other meanings for “WSP” apart from what’s up could be WhatsApp (the application), web service provider, Washington Square Park, what’s popping, or white skin privilege.

Wrap Up

“WSP” as an acronym is relatively straightforward to use. If you have been wondering what it means, you are probably shocked that it is something you know! Whether you have something to say or not, it is a fantastic conversation starter.

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