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How To See Top Contributors in a Facebook Group

How To See Top Contributors In Facebook Group

Facebook groups help bring many people together. However, the activeness of members is different. As a Facebook group admin, you can view the top contributors in your group.

The beauty of it is that you can acknowledge the top contributors by mentioning them in the group or in other ways.

This guide unveils what a top contributor means and how to view the top contributors in your Facebook group.

Quick Answer

The top contributors are the most active group members. Each Facebook group has analytics for the top contributors. Under the “Admin tools”, click the “Membership” option to display your top contributors for your Facebook group using the desktop version. For the Facebook app, you must access the “Manage” section of your group, and clicking the “Growth” option in your “Admin tools” will display the option for “Membership” with the top contributors.

We will understand what it takes to be a top contributor to a given Facebook group. Next, we will see the steps for viewing the top contributors of a given Facebook group using the mobile and desktop Facebook versions. Take a look!

Who is a “Top Contributor” in a Facebook Group?

Facebook groups have many members, especially if it’s a public group, meaning anyone can join and be a member.

The top contributors are the most active members of the group. The activeness is measured in terms of comments and posts.

Furthermore, the top contributors are measured during the last 28 days, and as a Facebook group admin, you can view the list of the top contributors of the groups you manage.

If you wish, you can call out the top contributors to acknowledge them and add their morale to keep up with their activeness in the group.

How To See Top Contributors in Facebook Group

You can view your top contributors on the Facebook app or the desktop version, provided you are the group admin.

Follow either of the methods below.

On Desktop

Here, follow the steps below if using the Facebook desktop app or via the browser:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account.Facebook Pc Login
  2. Once logged in, click on “Groups” on the left sidebar.Select The Groups Option From The Left Menu
  3. Locate the target group and click on it.Click On The Group You Want To Change The Url.
  4. Locate the “Admin tools” and tap on “Participants” under the “Insights” section. Tap On Participants Under The Insights Section.
  5. A list of all your top contributors for the particular group will appear. You can scroll through the list to view the top contributors.

Note that you can only have 10 top contributors per group. Also, next to each top contributor, you can see how active they were in the number of comments, posts, and reactions for the last 28 days. 

On Facebook Mobile App

Use the steps below for those using the mobile Facebook app to access their account:

  1. Open your Facebook app on your phone.Restart The Facebook Android App
  2. Once logged in, tap on the menu icon and click on the “Groups” option.Select Groups Facebook
  3. Select the group you manage and click on it.Select The Group You Manage
  4. Locate the “Manage” button or the star icon and tap on it.Locate The Manage Button
  5. A list of your “Tools Shortcut” will appear.A List Of Your Tools Shortcut Will Appear.
  6. Scroll down and click on “See all tools”.Click On See All Tools.
  7. Under the “Insights” section, click on the “Membership” tab.Click On The Membership Tab.

All your top contributors will appear in a list. From there, you can acknowledge them or perform other analytics to know how best to manage your Facebook group, including checking the gender analytics in the top contributor list.


Facebook allows group admins to check the insights of the groups they manage.

Moreover, you can learn various details from the analytics, such as gender distribution, and view the top contributors.

We’ve discussed the steps for viewing your top contributors in the Facebook groups you manage.

Go ahead and check your top contributors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the “Top Contributors” on Facebook?

The top contributors refer to the most active Facebook group members. It includes people who are most active in posting, commenting, and reacting on the Facebook group. The analytics are done every 28 days, and the top contributors consist of only 10 Facebook group members, and only the group admin can access the list of the top contributors.

How can I see the “Top Contributors” in a Facebook Group?

You can view the top contributors by navigating to the Facebook group you manage. Under the “Admin tools”, click on the “Insights” section and tap on the “Membership” option. Doing so will list all the 10 top contributors to your Facebook group. Also, you will see their number of posts, reactions, and comments next to their name.

How can I be a “Top Contributor” on Facebook?

To join the 10 top contributors, increase your activeness in a given Facebook group. Ensure you frequently post, comment, and react on the Facebook group. Once you maintain consistency, you will quickly become a top contributor.

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