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How To See Secret Groups on Facebook

How To See Secret Groups On Facebook

Has your friend been telling you about all these amazing updates about your favorite show that you can’t find anywhere else on the web?

Have your friends constantly giggled about something in school, and you want in on the gossip?

Chances are that they are part of a secret group on Facebook that you aren’t aware of!

So, how can you see secret Facebook groups?

Quick Answer

Secret or private groups on Facebook have content that can only be posted and seen by the group members. Though you can search for the groups if their “visibility” setting allows that, you cannot see the posts.

So, if you have been feeling curious about Facebook secret groups, we have got you all the details you need – from how to join one to why you need them.

How To Join a Secret Group On Facebook

Secret groups are genuinely “secretive” by nature – you can’t search for them or see their content.

However, if the “visibility” setting of a private group is made searchable by the admin, you can search for the group.

Type the group’s name on that search box as you normally do, and the group will appear.

But you will still need someone from the group to invite you to join the group. You cannot see the contents of a secret group without being a member.

So, here’s how you can join a secret group and see its contents.

Step #1: Get An Invite To The Group

Ask a present member of the group to send you an invite.

Hey, isn’t your BFF from school a part of that group? Drop her a text!

Step #2: Check Your Notifications For Updates

Check Your Notifications For Updates

Keep checking the notifications to see if that BFF has sent you an invite to the group or not!

Step #3: Go Through The Group Guidelines

Go Through The Group Guidelines

Typically, the guidelines of any group are pinned right on top of the page in the description section. Give it a read and see if you can abide by those rules.

Step #4: Rules for New Members

Rules For New Members

Some groups might ask you to introduce yourself through a post. Others might make you acknowledge that you have read and agreed with the group’s guidelines.

Be In The Know From Before

A small tip to remember is to ask someone in the group about any specific guidelines beforehand. There’s no point in going through the hassle of joining and leaving the group just because of the rules.

Do Secret Groups Abide by Facebook’s Community Standards?

So, Facebook secret groups have content beyond the purview of anyone else on the social media platform.

But does that mean they are beyond Facebook’s Community Standards? What happens when someone posts hate speech on that group?

Facebook can access any content on the platform, whether a secret group or a public one. Secret groups still need to abide by the rules and regulations set by the site.

As a group member, you can report posts depicting nudity, violence, harassment, or hate speech – just as you do with any other Facebook post. The site will review the post and take it down if necessary.

Also, secret groups cannot be accessed by third parties. But Facebook is obliged to reveal any group’s contents to a country’s government if demanded.

Do Not Trust That Third-Party App!

Did you hear about this cool app that lets you see all the secret groups on Facebook? Don’t trust such third-party apps! Facebook has painstakingly kept these groups away from such apps and spammers. So, the app will only trick you out of valuable information on your device.

Reasons To Start Using Secret Groups on Facebook

The aim of Facebook in having such private groups is to let like-minded people gather at a place for discussions and conversations.

The idea is to give them a space away from trolls and spam. So, private groups would be a great choice if you want healthy online discussions minus such distractions.

Are you planning a surprise party for your friend or a colleague? Create a secret group for such surprise events to store all your plans, efforts, and ideas in one place.

Many private Facebook groups are support groups for illnesses and addictions. It gives the patients or recovering addicts a safe online place to discuss their problems and progress.


So, you can search for a secret group if you know the group’s exact name, and its “visibility” setting allows that.

But you can’t see the posts without becoming a member.

Time to look for that invite from your BFF!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the settings of a private Facebook group?

Groups with over 5,000 members cannot switch to a less restrictive or open privacy setting.

Can the posts on a private Facebook group be reported?

Yes, the members can report the posts on a private Facebook group.

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