How To Earn With YouTube Automation

How To Earn With Youtube Automation

YouTube has proved to be a reliable source of income for anyone who knows how best to tap into this lucrative platform.

There are various ways people make money on YouTube; recently, YouTube automation has been the talk of the town.

What is YouTube automation, and how can you make money from it? We will answer these questions throughout this post.

Quick Answer

YouTube automation involves making faceless videos; you can hire people to do the work for you. Once your channel attains the monetization threshold, you can earn through ad revenues, brand deals, affiliate marketing, channel membership, service promotion, product sales, etc. All these earnings ways rely on the strategies and efforts you put in place to ensure you get a frequent viewership and increasing subscribers for your channel.

We begin by understanding YouTube automation and why you should consider focusing on it as a passive income. Further, we will understand what it takes to make money through YouTube automation. Let’s get started!

What Is YouTube Automation?

Many videos on YouTube involve people showing their faces while making their content. However, YouTube automation involves making YouTube videos without exposing your face. Hence, you can use other people to help make the YouTube videos.

For instance, you can outsource an expert to create the script for your topic. You can then get a voiceover and a video editor. You will get a final video that you upload to your channel and make money from it.

YouTube automation is gradually becoming lucrative as less effort is required to earn money. Moreover, you don’t have to get involved in content creation as no face is included.

You can quickly grow your channel to get more subscribers and views and make money from your videos, but only if you know how best to tap into it.

YouTube automation is an excellent option for someone looking to get a passive income. However, you should know how best to maximize it and the strategy to use. Otherwise, you will end up with a failed channel. So, how can you utilize YouTube automation to earn money?

How To Earn With YouTube Automation

How to earn through YouTube automation depends on how well you strategize to get the best out of your channel.

Before you start earning through YouTube automation, your channel must have attained the monetization requirement for you to join the YouTube Partner Program.

Once you have that in place, you can focus on getting more views and subscribers. Some of the different ways you can earn through YouTube automation include the following.

Ad Revenue

YouTube’s partner program pays the creators a section of the money earned through the ads. You must have linked your YouTube channel with your AdSense account. Moreover, the more views your videos get, the more income you earn through the ads.

Again, the niche you choose is crucial. Some niches have higher RPM; you will earn more when you get such a niche.

Affiliate Marketing

You can promote different products or services on your channel to earn income. You can join affiliate programs and promote the product when uploading your videos.

Moreover, you can share external links in the description area. When people use the links to make purchases, you will earn commissions.

Channel Membership

The more videos you create, the easier to offer premium channel membership plans. Here, you can add a subscription cost for anyone who wants to join the premium channel membership to access premium videos.

You will earn through the cost included in the channel subscription that renews monthly.

Selling Merchandise

You can sell your merchandise without showing your face when creating YouTube faceless videos. From the sales made through the merchandise, you will earn income.

You can create a channel to focus on your brand’s products majorly. Moreover, you can create a tool, such as software, and promote it on your videos. You can give instructions on how to use it to attract more sales.

Brand Deals

Some brand awareness is willing to sponsor videos when they align with their brand and promote their products. When you get such deals, they also help in creating income.

The brand can make a deal for you to promote their product at the start or middle of your video. You will earn income each time you promote the brand’s products or services.


YouTube automation involves creating videos without showing your face. You can outsource people to work on the videos as you focus on monetizing them to earn income.

We’ve discussed YouTube automation and given the different ways to earn through YouTube automation. Have fun!

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