How To Get Bits on Twitch

How To Get Bits On Twitch

While enjoying Twitch, you can decide to support your favorite streamer to empower them to keep up with their work. Twitch offers different ways of supporting creators, such as by using bits.

You can cheer the particular creator by specifying the number of bits you want to use to cheer them, and they will receive a section of the money earned in the bits.

Quick Answer

The easiest way of getting bits on Twitch is by purchasing them. You can buy Twitch bits, but the value of bits varies. For example, you can get 100 bits for $1.40. The prices are lower when you purchase more bits. You can watch ads and earn free bits if you can’t spare a few dollars to buy bits. To watch the ads, access a given channel, and when an ad appears while viewing the live stream, view it, and you will earn a few bits.

This post defines bits. We will see what bits mean on Twitch while explaining how you can utilize them for different tasks. Moreover, we will see how to get bits, the prices of the bits, and the steps to cheer someone using these bits. Let’s begin!

What Are Twitch Bits?

Most Twitch streamers do an excellent job in the live streams, and you can’t help but enjoy and appreciate their work. When you have a favorite Twitch creator, you can decide to appreciate them by cheering for them.

Twitch offers bits to act as virtual goods that you buy and use to gift the streamer. Twitch will give the streamer a section of the money earned through the shared bits when you spend bits to cheer the streamer.

When you have bits in your balance and want to cheer for a creator, access their chat section on their channel. In the chat section, type the “cheer<amount> <message>” to cheer them. For instance, if you want to use 100 emotes, you can execute the command “cheer100 You are incredible!.” When you press the ether key, your bits will be used to cheer the creator.

They will receive the bits and a notification confirming you’ve cheered for them. You can only use bits on a channel if the creator has enabled the feature. If they have disabled bits, you won’t manage to cheer them.

How To Get Bits on Twitch

Cheering someone on Twitch requires you to have bits that will get deducted once you cheer the person. Where do you get these bits in the first case? You have two options for getting bits on Twitch. You can buy the bits or earn them by watching ads in a live stream.

To buy the bits, you must access the “Get Bits” button on your window and proceed to select the number of bits you want to buy. You will incur a few dollars to complete the purchase, depending on the number of bits you want to purchase. For 100 bits, you must spend $1.40. The number will increase depending on the bits you buy.

To earn free bits by watching ads, join a channel and wait for the live stream to load. If the channel accepts bits:

  1. Locate the “Get Bits” button and click on it.
  2. Click the “Watch Ad” button, and the ads will start loading.

Once you watch the ads, you will earn a few bits that you can use to cheer the particular creator.


Bits are virtual goods you purchase on Twitch and use to cheer for your favorite streamer. You can get the bits by purchasing or earning them after watching ads.

This post has guided you on how to get bits on Twitch. Use the methods presented to acquire the bits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get free bits on Twitch?

Yes, you can. Although you can’t earn many free bits, getting a few bits is possible. The first option is to watch ads on different channels after the live stream loads. Alternatively, you can participate in surveys to earn ads after completing them. If getting the free bits seem challenging, consider purchasing them.

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