How To Disable QoS on Discord

How To Disable Qos On Discord

Do you hear robotic voices in your Discord server?

Discord facilitates VoIP systems and communication, and many people, especially gamers, use Discord for gaming sessions.

Sometimes, you may face issues with your Discord, such as an error connecting Discord or some weird robotic voices on your server.

When you face such problems, a quick solution is to disable QoS on Discord.

Quick Answer

QoS stands for the quality of services, and Discord has the feature enabled by default to facilitate the quality transmission of packets with minimal loss. However, not all routers support QoS, and when you face issues with robotic voices on your server, it mainly results from QoS. Open your Discord application and access the “User Settings” page. Click on “Voice & Video,” then disable the QoS switch.

This guide covers what QoS on Discord means and why you need it. Further, we will see the steps for disabling QoS while mentioning the circumstances under which you should disable it. Let’s get started!

What Is QoS on Discord?

When building any application, one metric to consider is the Quality of Service (QoS), as it determines how effective and reliable the application will be.

Discord is an online platform; packets must be sent from your device to the internet for communication.

Quality of Service on Discord comes enabled by default, and Discord does this to hint to your router that all Discord packets are high priority.

Hence, your router will focus on these packets by giving them more bandwidth to minimize packet loss or latency. That way, Discord won’t experience any network jitters.

Unfortunately, not all routers support QoS. If your router doesn’t support it, you will experience different issues, such as Discord showing the “No Route” or robotic or distorted voices in your server.

These hiccups can be fixed by disabling the QoS feature from your Discord user settings.

How To Disable QoS on Discord

QoS is enabled to facilitate convenience, but when you face issues originating from QoS, you must disable it on your Discord.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Discord application on your desktop.Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Open “User Settings” by clicking the gear icon.Navigate To User Settings Discord
  3. Navigate to the “App Settings” section and click the “Voice & Video” option.Open The Voice &Amp; Video Tab.
  4. Under “Quality of Service,” disable the “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority” option.Disable The Option For Enabling Qos High Packet Priority.

Once you do, restart your Discord application to see if that fixed the errors you were experiencing before.

Other Fixes for Discord Robotic Voices

When you are using Discord, but you realize that you hear robotic voices on your server, one fix for the problem is to disable the QoS.

However, if that doesn’t fix the problem, try the following fixes.

Restart Your PC

Restart Your Pc

Most issues arise with your PC when it experiences technical glitches.

A quick fix is to restart all services by restarting your PC.

Once it restarts, try opening Discord to check its performance and see whether that fixed the problem.

If not, proceed with the other fixes.

Restart Discord

When Discord has technical glitches, it can cause issues such as distorted voices in your server.

So, try logging out of Discord or restarting it to check if that fixed the error.

Still, check Discord down detector online to verify the status of Discord servers.

If Discord has an error, wait for their technical team to fix it.

Disable VPN

Disable Vpn Pc

VPNs are good for masking your device’s IP but can lag your network and affect your Discord’s performance.

If you are using a VPN or proxy server, disable them and check if your Discord server will work properly without the distorted voices.

Hopefully, the presented steps will help solve the issues you are experiencing with your Discord.


QoS is enabled on Discord to facilitate high-priority packets and enhance your Discord’s performance.

This guide has detailed everything about QoS on Discord, from what it means to how you can disable it.

Moreover, we’ve seen different methods you can use to fix the distorted voice on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QoS on Discord?

QoS stands for “Quality of Service” and is a feature Discord uses to minimize loss of packets and latency when users use Discord for communication. You can access the QoS on your Discord account’s “Voice & Video” section.

Why am I getting the “No Route” error on Discord?

The “No Route “error on Discord mainly arises when your router fails to transmit Discord packets. When this happens, you’ve enabled the QoS feature that activates high priority. If your router cannot offer this feature, it will return a “No Route” error.

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