How To Find Contacts on Telegram

How To Find Contacts On Telegram

There are multiple messaging apps, but Telegram stands out as a secure app for connecting with friends globally.

You can connect with Telegram friends via DM or Telegram groups. Besides, Telegram lets users search for their contacts using different options.

If you are looking to find your contacts or friends on Telegram, we will offer different methods you can use.

Quick Answer

If you saved someone’s number on your phone and granted Telegram access, you will find the person on your Telegram contacts. Still, if you know someone’s username, you can open Telegram, click on the search icon at the top, and search for the person using their Telegram username. Also, if you are in a Telegram group, you can share your contact with a friend and add them to your contacts when they message back.

This guide focuses on three ways of finding contacts on Telegram. We will cover the steps for each method, so you can comfortably follow along to find your contacts.

How To Find Contacts on Telegram

Connecting with your friends and contacts on Telegram is one way of creating a conversation. You could want to catch up with your old buddies, and using Telegram is the only feasible option.

In that case, knowing how to find your contacts on Telegram is worthwhile.

You can find your contacts on Telegram by saving them on your phone book, then syncing your contacts, searching for them using their username, or sharing your contacts with them on a Telegram group.

Method #1: Save their Number

When you have someone’s phone number, you can add them to your phone book, such that when you view your Telegram contacts, if you’ve synced your contacts, they will appear on Telegram, and you can message them.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open your phone book and save the friend’s phone number.Open Your Phone Book And Save The Number
  2. Alternatively, open your Telegram application.Open Telegram Application
  3. Click the hamburger icon.Telegram Hamburger Icon
  4. Click on “Contacts” in the next window.Contacts Option Telegram
  5. Tap on the contact icon at the bottom.Tap On The Contact Icon At The Bottom.
  6. Add the new contact and save it.Add The New Contact And Save It.

You can now message the saved contact to start a conversation. Also, ensure you’ve enabled the option to “sync contacts” from your settings using the steps below.

  1. Open Telegram and tap on the hamburger icon at the top.Telegram Hamburger Icon
  2. Click on “Settings”.Settings On Telegram App
  3. Scroll down and click the option for “Privacy and Security”.Privacy And Security Telegram
  4. Find the “Contacts” section and enable the option for “Sync contacts”.Sync Contacts And Disable

Any person you save to your phone book and who is on Telegram will appear in your Telegram contacts.

Method #2: Search their Username

When you don’t have someone’s phone number but know their username, you can search for them on Telegram using their username and message and save them to your contacts.

  1. Open your Telegram application.Open Telegram Application
  2. Click the search icon at the top.Search Icon Telegram
  3. Type the username of the target person.Type The Username Of The Target Person.
  4. Tap on their profile from the search results.Tap On Their Profile From The Search Results.
  5. Once the chat window opens, start the conversation.Start The Conversation Telegram
  6. Once your friend replies, you can save each other’s number for more convenience.

You can find someone’s Telegram group and join using the same steps.

Method #3: Share Your Contact

When you want to add someone in a Telegram group to your contacts, there is an option of sharing your contacts with the person so that they can add you as their Telegram contact and message you to save them.

  1. Open your Telegram application.Open Telegram Application
  2. Find the target Telegram group and open it.Open Your Telegram Group Or Channel.
  3. Click on the group’s profile picture at the top.Profile Tab Of The Group
  4. Under the “Members” section, find the target person and tap on their name.Find The Target Person And Tap On Their Name
  5. Click on the message icon on their profile window.Click On The Message Icon On Their Profile Window.
  6. Once the chat window opens, tap on the horizontal ellipsis at the top.Tap On The Horizontal Ellipsis At The Top
  7. Next, click the “Share My Contact” option.Click The Share My Contact Option.

Once your contact gets shared with that person, they will likely save you in their contacts or message you to start the conversation. This method applies when you find your friend in a Telegram group.


Telegram is an instant messaging application that offers a secure channel for communicating with friends globally.

When you want to find contacts on Telegram, search for them using their username, save them to your contacts, or share your contact using the steps presented in this post.

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