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How To Delete Your Comment on Facebook

How To Delete Your Comment On Facebook

Have you made an inappropriate comment and want to know how to delete it? Facebook allows users to edit or delete their comments. However, you can’t delete someone’s comment unless they have posted it in a group or page you run. Deleting your comments will completely remove them from a post.

Quick Answer

To delete your comment, start by accessing your Facebook account. Next, locate the comment that you want to delete. It could be that you commented on something on your timeline or your post. Once you find the comment, click the three dots on its right. A menu will open with various options. Click the delete button and confirm the action.

We will cover the steps for deleting or editing your comments on Facebook using Android, iPhone, or computer. Also, we will discuss whether it’s possible to delete someone’s comment on a post and conclude with frequently asked questions regarding deleting comments on Facebook.

Reasons for Wanting To Delete a Facebook Comment

Below are the possible reasons you may decide to delete your comments on Facebook.

  • Your comment received negative responses, and you don’t want to keep getting trolled about it.
  • You face legal consequences if you don’t delete the comment.
  • People misunderstood your comment.
  • You no longer want to associate with a given post.
  • You commented by mistake.
  • Someone is hurt by your comment and asked you to remove it.

How To Delete Your Comments on Facebook

You may decide to delete your comments on Facebook for many reasons. Whatever your reason is, deleting Facebook comments is straightforward.

Using a Computer

  1. Open your Facebook account on a browser.
  2. Locate the post containing the comment.
  3. Click on the comments section and find your comment.
  4. Tap on the ellipsis (three dots) on your comment.
  5. Click the Delete option and confirm the action by clicking the Delete button again.

The above steps completely delete the comment you made on a given post. If you have second thoughts, how about editing the comment instead? To edit your comment, use the steps below.

  1. Locate the comment and tap on the ellipsis next to it.
  2. Click on the Edit option instead of delete.
  3. Edit the comment and once you are okay with it, click the Enter key or the Return to save the comment.

That way, you’ve edited your Facebook comment instead of deleting it. Here, the choice is yours, depending on what you want to achieve. If you want to correct something on the comment, editing it is better than deleting it.

Using Mobile Phone

You can delete or edit your comment using your iPhone or Android. The steps below will guide you, starting with how to edit and then delete the comment.

  1. Open your Facebook app.
  2. Locate the post with the comment you want to delete.
  3. Once you find your comment, tap and hold on to it.
  4. Select the Edit option.
  5. Make the changes and click the update button.

Your comment is now successfully updated. If you want to delete your comment instead of editing it, use the steps below.

  1. Still, on the post, tap and hold your comment.
  2. Select the Delete option.
  3. Click the Delete button.

Your comment on the Facebook post is now deleted.

Can I Delete Someone’s Comment?

It depends on where they commented. Here’s the thing, if someone commented on another post belonging to someone else, you have no control over that. There is no way of deleting someone’s comments they made to another person’s post or in a group in which you are a member.

However, if someone responds to your post or comments on something on a Facebook group or page you are an admin, you can delete their comment. In such a case, you can click on the three dots next to their comment and tap the delete option.


We’ve seen what it takes to delete comments on Facebook and offered the steps for deleting your comments on Facebook. Thanks to this post, you now have the steps for deleting your comments on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Delete Someone’s Comments?

Yes, it’s possible. However, you can only delete someone’s comments they made to your post or to a Facebook group where you are the admin. If their comment is in someone’s post, you can’t delete it.

How Do I Delete My Comments on Facebook?

Open your Facebook account and locate where you commented. Once you find it, tap the ellipsis button next to the comment. On the menu which pops up, tap the delete button and confirm the action.

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