How To Cast FaceTime to Roku

How To Cast Facetime To Roku

Apple devices allow their users to FaceTime each other as an alternative way of video calling. You can FaceTime using your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

When you want to FaceTime and enjoy a wider view, you can consider casting the screen on your Roku TV. That way, you will enjoy FaceTime comfortably. This guide teaches how to cast FaceTime to Roku. Read on!

Quick Answer

First, ensure you have an updated Roku device and that AirPlay is enabled. Once that is handled, connect the Roku device and your iPhone, Mac, or iPad to the same network. Open the “Control Center” on your Mac or iPhone and tap on the “Screen mirroring” option. Select your Roku device from the listed options and enter the code displayed on your screen to authenticate the device. You can now open FaceTime and use it.

It’s possible to cast FaceTime to Roku. We will detail the steps for enabling the AirPlay feature on your Roku device. Next, we will see how to cast FaceTime to Roku on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Can You Mirror FaceTime to Roku Devices?

When you have a Roku device, you may want to mirror your FaceTime to enjoy a wider view when on a call. It could be you are with a friend and wish to FaceTime with another mutual friend. In that case, a wider screen view is essential.

Luckily, updated Roku devices now support Apple HomeKit and AirPlay. Thus, you can easily mirror your Mac, iPhone, or iPad to specific Roku devices.

The AirPlay feature must be enabled before you can cast FaceTime on Roku devices. You can enable it as follows.

  1. Start your Roku device.
  2. On its remote, press the home button.
  3. Select “Settings” from the listed options.
  4. Choose “Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.”
  5. Select “AirPlay” to turn it on.
  6. Choose “Require Code.”

With that, you are ready to cast FaceTime on your Roku device.

How To Cast FaceTime to Roku

Before you start mirroring your device to your Roku, we’ve discussed everything to consider. After you’ve enabled the AirPlay feature, casting FaceTime is a straightforward process. We will see the steps on your Mac and iPhone/iPad.

Cast FaceTime to Roku on Mac

  1. Connect your Mac and the Roku device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Click the AirPlay icon at the top or open “Control Center” and tap the “Screen mirroring” option.
  3. Select the Roku device on the listed devices.
  4. A code will appear on the Roku screen.
  5. Enter the code on your Mac.
  6. Once connected, open your FaceTime and make your call.

You’ve successfully cast FaceTime to Roku.

Cast FaceTime to Roku on iPhone or iPad

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the same network as the Roku device.
  2. Open the “Control Center” on your iPad/iPhone.
  3. Find the option for “Screen Mirroring” and tap on it.
  4. A list of devices will appear. Tap the Roku device you wish to connect to.
  5. A code will appear on your Roku screen.
  6. Type the code on your iPhone/iPad to authenticate the devices.
  7. Open your FaceTime and make your call.

Your call will be mirrored to the Roku device. When you want to stop the casting, access the “Control Center” on your device and tap on the option to stop the mirroring.


When you want to cast FaceTime to Roku, you can use the AirPlay feature on your Roku device. We’ve seen how to cast FaceTime to Roku using your Mac, iPhone/iPad. Hopefully, you can now comfortably enjoy FaceTime on your Roku device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Roku support casting?

Yes, they do. Roku devices have an AirPlay feature that allows them to cast with Apple devices, such as Macs and iPhones.

How do you cast FaceTime to Roku?

Enable the AirPlay feature and connect your Roku device and Mac, iPhone/iPad to the same Wi-Fi. Start the “Screen mirroring” feature and enter the generated code to connect the devices. You can start FaceTime.

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