How Long Does FaceTime Ring?

How Long Does Facetime Ring

FaceTime is a significant feature of iPhone‌, iPad, and Mac devices.

It is particularly popular among many Apple users who prefer to use the platform for video calls.

FaceTime comes in handy if you have something urgent to tell your friend or need to break the news to someone.

You may wonder what happens if you call your friend for a long time and your calls are not received. You may think you are being ignored or blocked.

One way you can determine the status of your FaceTime call is the number of rings you hear. So, how long does FaceTime ring?

Quick Answer

First, FaceTime rings about 11 times before you can consider it a missed call. However, the time it takes FaceTime to ring depends on many other factors, like the internet connection, the availability of the other person, and the FaceTime server.

Before using the service on your Apple device, you must know other essential FaceTime aspects. These may help you understand the state of your FaceTime calls.

Learn about these details in this guide as we explain what happens in a FaceTime call.

What Is FaceTime?

Like iMessage, FaceTime is a core part of Apple features that allows users to communicate with one another through video and audio chat.

What Is Facetime

At a time when people couldn’t see face-to-face, FaceTime was reported to help many people stay connected.

FaceTime will be activated automatically once you have an iPhone with a sim card. However, you can use it with an email instead.

Besides your iPhone, you may use your other Apple devices to set up FaceTime with an email so long as you are signed into the same iCloud. 

If you are using iPhone, you may want to know what’s wrong when someone doesn’t pick up your FaceTime calls. You begin to wonder – are you being ignored?

How long does FaceTime ring? Does the length of the rings determine anything about your calls? Keep reading to find out more.

How Long Does FaceTime Ring?

Generally, there is no specific length of time or number of times that FaceTime rings.

What determines how long your FaceTime call rings are the stability of your network, the recipient’s availability, and the FaceTime server.

Indeed, you may call someone many times, and they won’t pick up. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are ignoring you. It could be that they didn’t receive any call in the first place, even though you can hear it ring.

In addition, FaceTime may sometimes ring a few times. That means the person is not available to pick up the call. Also, it could be a poor network from their side.

In some situations, FaceTime may ring for some time and then stop in between if a person declines a call.

FaceTime rings 11 times (30 seconds) before you consider it a missed call. After the end of the ringing, you will see a notification that says, “The person [name] is unavailable.”

What Does “Unavailable” Mean on a FaceTime Call?

The term “Unavailable” after FaceTime rings can mean different things. Here they are.

Meaning #1: The Person Is Unavailable

The first possible meaning of the message “FaceTime unavailable” on FaceTime calls is that the person can’t pick up the call.

This could mean that they aren’t logged into FaceTime. Therefore, it’s best to call them back another time.

Meaning #2: They Are on Another FaceTime Call

Unfortunately, FaceTime doesn’t tell you your recipient is on another FaceTime call.

Therefore, the call won’t go through, and the message you will receive is “Unavailable.”

Meaning #3: Unstable Internet Connection

A poor network connection is another common reason you may get the “Unavailable” notification.

If the recipient you call doesn’t have a reliable network, it will be regarded as unavailability.

Meaning #4: The Person Declined Your Call

Sometimes when you receive the “Unavailable” notification, the person may have terminated your call. In that case, FaceTime will ring a few times before showing “FaceTime unavailable.”

That doesn’t mean you should rush to conclude. They are probably held up in a meeting or something more substantial. The best is to call them back later.


FaceTime is a video and audio chat platform peculiar to iPhone and other Apple devices.

Suppose you just started using FaceTime; you may get curious about how long FaceTime rings.

Thankfully, this guide has done an excellent job regarding the time length of FaceTime rings and other things you should know about FaceTime.

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