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How To Find People Near You on Snapchat

How To Find People Near You On Snapchat

Discovering friends on Snapchat is not always a straightforward task. Without names or usernames to key in the platform’s search box, it becomes difficult to find one another.

Tracing folks you recognize on Snapchat is fast and straightforward, with features such as “Quick Add.” The tool lets you add people who may be friends with individuals you already know. It’s through these friends that you connect with people close to you.

However, the “Quick Add” tool has some drawbacks since it doesn’t always suggest friends for you. But by knowing your friends’ locations, you can find them on Snapchat when they are nearby.

Let’s discover how to look for friends on Snapchat through their immediate location and the “add nearby people” section.

How To Locate People Nearby on Snapchat

Snap Map is a tool on Snapchat that allows users to find people near them. It helps you identify individuals in their locations, and they do appear as blue spots on the map when the tool is enabled. The blue dots show that a Snapchat user has uploaded a story, and they are in the indicated area.

You must, however, keep track of when the post appeared. The reason being the story may have been posted over a day ago, and the individual may no longer be in such a location.

Therefore, before adding them, verify the date the story is published.

Let us examine the steps to locate users nearby using Snap Map.

Step #1: How To Launch Snap Map and Identify “Hotspots”

  1. Open Snapchat on your phone or through a desktop app to access Snap Map.
  2. Locate and press the map symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Grant access to your location to the Snapchat app.
  4. Head to the Snap Map and identify your location, which appears as a Bitmoji, and there are “blue spots” surrounding your area.
    For instance, if you are at “Daytona Beach,” your Bitmoji icon will show Daytona Beach.
  5. Just tap on a hot spot to look at various stories from the different hotspots around you. These stories are posted from that location by Snapchat users near you.
  6. Swiping across your app’s screen takes you to more stories of different users in your location. If you come across an interesting story and want to be friends with the Snapchat user who posted it, swipe the page to the top of your screen.

The following part explains how to locate a person’s profile.

Step #2: Tap on “View Creator”

To view a user’s story on the Snap Map, tap on one of the hot spots close to you, and the story is displayed. Further, observe these two indications to get the right information about the user.

  • Check out the “view creator” option.
  • The time when the story was posted.

For example, to know when the story was created, check the indicated time, which appears as 10h ago. If 24 hours have passed since the story was posted, the information will display as (e.g., Tue).

Additionally, check the “view creator” button to obtain the person’s name and username.

Step #3: Link With the Person by Tapping “Add Option”

Now that you have the username from the creator’s profile use the “Add” button on the page to connect with them. Note that the person who created the story has to move it to the “Our Story” section for you to see it on Snap Map.

After adding a person as a friend, you must also wait for them to add you.

You’ve figured out how to use Snapchat to find people around you!

It’s worth noting that the “View Creator” button will not always appear. As per the Snapchat app, an algorithm analyzes stories featured on the Snap Map. As a result, even though someone uploaded their story to “Our Story,” it may not appear on your Snap Map.


On Snapchat, the Snap Map is also a fantastic method to find users close to you. However, since the Snap Map uses algorithms, not everybody’s stories will appear. Aside from the Snap Map, synchronizing your contacts or using “Quick Add” helps discover users in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How close can a user be for “Add Nearby” to discover them?

On Snap Map, distance is not a problem. You can still see folks who are far from you.

Can I access Snap Map on my PC?

Yes, the Snap Map function is accessible on the web and the Snapchat app.

Is it possible to know who viewed my location on Snap Map?

It’s impossible to tell who checked your location on Snap Map

Is it possible to connect with friends internationally?

Search the exact location of your foreign folks by typing their country’s name, and you will see the hot spots surrounding that area.

Can you add anyone as a friend on Snapchat?

Connecting with just anyone may lead to unhealthy conversations and short-lived friendships. Snapchat allows for cordial and lovely relationships. The app works best for personal engagements with close pals and family.

Is it possible to add someone on Snapchat without their knowledge?

No, when you add someone on Snapchat, they get notified and must agree to your request. You can only add a person by searching for their username or through Snap Map.

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