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How To Ask a Girl for Her Number on FB

How To Ask A Girl For Her Number On Fb

You saw this beautiful girl on Facebook. You went through her profile. You checked out her posts and photos, and you liked them.

You wish to bring her closer to your inner circle. But this would be impossible without her phone number.

You go to her About page and can’t locate her phone number. So, your only option is to start a chat and possibly request her phone number.

Where do you begin? How do you do it without getting rejected or scaring her off?

Quick Answer

It’s easy and possible to get the number without being a turn-off. You must create rapport, a trustworthy profile, and have mutual friends. You also need to make your conversations interesting, like her post, and comment on them. Don’t ask for the number yet. Look for signs telling you she’s ready to step into your inner circle.

You aim to make her feel comfortable, notice you, and enjoy your company. Therefore, let’s talk about ways to snag that phone number and turn that fear of rejection into a win.

We’re going to take a step-by-step approach.

Step #1: Make Your Profile Appealing

We’re trying to make her feel comfortable and reply to the text you sent her. But how would she feel at ease if you have a creepy Facebook profile?

Recheck your entire profile before hitting the “Friend Request” button or starting any conversation.

Update It if It’s Incomplete

Update Profile If It’s Incomplete

A complete profile will make it easy to learn about you. She’ll use the information to gauge whether you’re a trustworthy person.

So, click on the “Basic Information” page and fill out any incomplete information. Ensure you tick every box and fill each box with updated information.

Add your current city if it’s missing. Ensure the gender section is complete. Don’t leave out your birthday, either.

How About Your Profile Picture? Is It Clear?

How About Your Profile Picture

Change your profile photo if the photo is blurry or has some animated object or character. The girl needs to see a person, not an inanimate object or animated character.


Username Facebook

What is your username? Does it look strange or silly? It doesn’t need to match your birth certificate name, but ensure it’s sensible.

Education and Work

Update your education and work information. It might come in handy as you converse. Who knows.


Fill out this section. Add movies, sports, or activities that interest you. They are good conversation starters as you try to get the girl to notice you.

Once you tick every box, tap the “Save Changes” button to save updated information.

Remember, before accepting your friend request, she’ll review your profile. Girls love authentic guys on Facebook. So don’t fake it. Ensure your profile is credible and captivating.

Step #2: Build Your Proximity to Her

You’ve updated your Facebook profile; now it’s time to get closer to her.

Hit the Add Friend Button

Hit The Add Button

Start by sending her a friend request. It’s a polite way of introducing yourself to the girl. Moreover, if she has set her Facebook profile to Friends Only, you’ll need to send her a Friend Request to view her profile.

Moreover, starting a conversation will be easier if you are friends. If you send her a DM without building rapport, the text will probably end in the recycle bin.

Keep Tapping the Like Button

Keep Tapping The Like Button

Like and leave some good comments on her photos. Tell her she is beautiful. Sooner or later, she’ll notice you. Don’t ask for her phone number yet. You’re still building momentum.

While at it, peruse her profile, interests, relationship status, and other information that makes it easier to connect with her. Besides, the information will serve as a potential conversation starter when you finally text her.

Dazzle Her Wall With Funny or Sweet Messages

Dazzle Her Wall With Funny Or Sweet Messages

Starting with her wall before getting into her inbox is more casual. Moreover, if she responds to or likes the messages, she’s approachable and ready to progress to private texts. 

Step #3: Slide Into Her Inbox

Slide Into Her Inbox

If she decides to add you as a friend and respond positively to your comments or sweet messages, text her. Don’t send a plain-spoken greeting. She may end up ignoring you.

Give her a reason to reply to your text. Keep the message short. If possible, mention specific things that may pique her interest.

Start with a relaxed “hey,” “hi,” or “hello.” Accompany the greetings with something funny, a compliment, or flatter her. It’s friendly and sets the tone for the entire conversation.

You can also ask her questions that will prompt a response. If you share a common interest, let it be your curtain-raiser. Take hints from her photos or information available on her profile.

It could be as simple as this:

Hey! I see you love the FGH show. I love the show too. Especially when F gets sentimental. Have you ever gone to any of their live shows?


Hi, beautiful. I loved your kayaking photos. I recently signed up for a kayaking class. I’ve always wanted to try kayaking but never found the time and scenic place to try it. Did you like it? Is it adrenalizing?

Or a simple:

Hi, Jane. You’re funny. I saw your comment on a photo shared by Doe. I couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t know you guys were friends. How did I miss that?

There is no assurance the texts will work. But it’s a good strategy.

Step #4: Keep the Conversation Flowing

It’s easy to start the conversation. But how do you keep the girl interested and yearning for more of your texts? Try these tips:

  • Chances are you liked her because you share something in common. It could be mutual friends, city, school, or hobbies. Build questions and chats around those mutual interests or friends.
  • Talk about other details on her profile. As you build the chemistry, let the conversation be all about her. Don’t be surprised. People love talking about themselves.
  • Use emojis. It’s friendly and triggers emotions.
  • Always use sweet and flattering words as you chat with her. But don’t be too flirty. Flatter her but use a friendly tone. You won’t sound desperate or too aggressive. 
  • Be authentic and also share some of your personal experiences with her.
  • Don’t overthink. Let it flow.
  • Chat regularly to build rapport and a strong connection. However, ensure you respect her time and space.

Step #5: Ask for the Phone Number

Ask For The Phone Number

Stop and assess the interaction.

Suppose she’s ready and comfortable to move to a more personal space. Try your luck. Tell her you enjoy her company and would wish to hear her voice. And that’s your chance – request her phone number.

If you’ve been genuine, built a connection, chatted regularly, and got to know her, she will give you the number.

Concluding Thoughts

I get it. You’re confident, and you may want to ask directly.

But girls hate it or get nervous when a random guy asks them for their phone number.

And the fact that you’re doing it via Facebook makes it worse.

So please get to know her, make her comfortable, then request her to give you her phone number.

If you found these tips helpful, share them – otherwise, all the best.

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