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How To Appear on Someone’s Instagram Suggestions

How To Appear On Someone's Instagram Suggestions

Instagram is a social media that encourages you to meet new suggested friends. As a result, it has become a place where you can meet friends with a common goal.

You can get a suggestion to follow users with the same interests as you and vice versa. But a baffling thing is how to make your profile show up in the suggestions of others.

Quick Answer

You have little or no control over making your account appear as a suggestion to others. This is because of Instagram’s complex algorithm and total control over that. So there’s no particular way to enlist someone else’s suggestion. Yet, the little power you have are some tricks that can help boost your fan base.

Many things influence the kind of users Instagram will suggest for you. The same goes for the users that you’ll appear to as a suggestion.

But one thing is that you’ll have a common interest for any user to show up as a suggested account. The common goals include hobbies, geolocation, familiar friends, shared contact, etc.

This article will discuss how to appear on someone’s Instagram suggestions. It’s for all users, even if you don’t have a large fan base, and you can grow your page with the tricks.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Appear on Someone’s Instagram Suggestion

If you missed it, the current Instagram trend is to get a suggestion of who to follow. When you follow someone on Instagram, it proposes friends, users, and followers.

But how does Instagram recommend friends? How does Instagram recommend your profile to other users?

Most of the suggestion is not about you or your feed but other things. Think of your mutual friends, users with your phone number, friends on Facebook, etc.

These factors are part of what you can control. Also, these factors determine the users who get your account suggestion.

Either way, the other thing is up to Instagram to randomly put your account up. But instead of waiting for Instagram, you can force the algorithm to do that.

Forcing the algorithm will hasten Instagram to put your account up as suggestions faster. So below are the simple steps to take to get your account ready for tips on others’ Instagram.

Step #1: Activate the Suggestion Feature

It’s important to have this active before you begin any other trick. You won’t be on anyone’s tip, regardless of the routine or trick if you don’t activate the function.

This feature is always active by default, but you can enable it yourself if it is not. To do this:

  1. Open your web browser and go to Instagram. Instagram Homepage
  2. Click on your profile avatar at the top right.Profile Avatar Instagram
  3. Click on the “Edit Profile” button at the top.Edit Button On Profile
  4. Scroll down to check the “Show account suggestions on profiles” box and tick it.Similar Account Recommendation Option
  5. Click on “Submit, and Instagram will suggest your account to people who may want to follow. Click On Submit To Finalize

Step #2: Using the Search History

The Instagram algorithm checks your search history to bring suggestions for you. I recently needed to change my PC; then I saw an ad and clicked on it.

After that, I saw another PC store suggestion. Then it became more than two, and more kept coming.

The same goes for suggesting you on someone else’s Instagram.

Suppose you search for a user and keep engaging the account. Instagram will recommend your account to such a user and others with a common goal.

Step #3: Using Hashtags of Interest

Recall we said earlier that Instagram would suggest you to people with the same interest as you.

Well, it aligns with this logic! You can create nice content and use the right hashtags. Instagram will suggest you to users with the same likes.

For example, you can like skating and upload tutorials about it with many hashtags. Using this trick increases your visibility among peers.

So when other users follow people with the same content and hashtags, your account comes up.

Step #4: Using Geolocation Updates

Another way to make you appear on someone’s Instagram suggestion is geolocation.

If you continuously tag your location in your post, you will appear on others with the same region tips. This is like Instagram suggesting you to mutual friends since you follow the same set of users.

You can even spice things up and add hashtags of that location to your post. This idea will surely make your account visible to users close to you.

You’ll also appear as a suggestion for users who use the hashtags and those who follow that account.


With the steps above, Instagram will enlist you as a suggestion on someone’s account. This will happen even when you don’t have a personal affair with such a user.

Another known way is linking your Facebook account with Instagram to get you suggested to your friends. Also, phone contacts are essential, but we didn’t discuss everything since you have an idea about that.

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