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How To Write Long Paragraphs on Snapchat

How To Write Long Paragraphs On Snapchat

You have composed a beautiful poem or a long paragraph to perfectly describe this amazing picture you’ve taken. So, you upload the picture on Snapchat and start writing your piece. But oh snap! You’ve run out of character limit.

Quick Answer

Snapchat has a character limit of 80. If you want to write more than that, you will have to copy the blank space from a text editor on your phone. Then, paste the copied space on the Snapchat text box and start writing.

Here’s a detailed explanation of what you need to do intricate long paragraphs on Snapchat. So, read on and apply the hack!

How To Write More Text on Snapchat

So much to write and so little space – a common complaint that almost every Snapchat user has.

It started with a meager character limit of 31, which has now changed to 80 characters. However, if you barely manage with Twitter’s limit of 140 characters, 80 characters will surely fall short of what you need.

The good news is you can use this easy hack to extend the character limit on Snapchat and write more. Here are the steps to follow for this.

Step #1: Open a Text Editing App on Your Phone

Chances are that your phone already has a text editing app. For instance, the iPhone users among you can open Apple Notes. If your phone does not already have such an app, there are plenty of them in the app store for you to download.

Don’t Have A Text Editor? Use Your Email!

So, you don’t have a text editor on your phone, nor do you have the space to download one. Open your email for the job! You need an interface that allows you to add spaces and lines.

Step #2: Start Adding New Lines

Open the text editor and use the enter or return key to add new lines. The number of lines you add depends on how much space you need for the Snapchat text.

Step #3: Copy the Entire Space

After adding as many lines as you want, select that entire space and hit “Copy”. In the meantime, make sure you write nothing in this space because that will be counted in the character limit of Snapchat.

Step #4: Go to Snapchat and Paste That Copied Space

Now, go to the text box of Snapchat and paste the selected text. Can you see an empty space that’s highlighted in the text box? Type your paragraph there and say as much as you want to.

No Hitting Return and Going Back!

Remember that you cannot hit return on this platform. So, if you want to add a line you have deleted by mistake, you will have to start again by pasting the blank space.

Step #5: Editing the Written Text

Editing the text that you have written is pretty straightforward. You can expand or pinch to make the text large or small. Or, you can tap twice for center alignment and once for left alignment. This part works the same way as what you normally do to edit text on Snapchat.

Move the Cursor Continuously to Write

Keep in mind that you cannot keep on typing as usual with this hack. You will have to manually move your cursor to go down each time. It feels like a hassle, but it gets the work done.

How To Write More on Snapchat with Android

The hack mentioned above works the best on iPhones and Apple note. However, you can try the same steps for Android. Remember to install a good text editor on your phone if you don’t already have one.

After that, you can follow the steps above to write long texts on Snapchat using your Android phone. Easy, isn’t it?

The Endnote

Snapchat might not be lenient enough to extend the word limit. But you can always have your way by using the hack mentioned above. Simply copy the blank space from your chosen text editor (or even email!) to start writing long texts with your snaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start new lines on Snapchat?

To start new lines on Snapchat, keep the cursor on the last letter of your written text. Now, press and hold the enter/arrow key to make a new line appear.

How to edit text on Snapchat?

You can expand or pinch to make the text large or small. Also, put your finger over the text to move and place it anywhere on the screen.

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