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How To See Pages You Follow on Facebook

How to see pages you follow on Facebook

You might have liked a lot of pages on Facebook over the years. When Facebook first began, Liking a Page was a way to tell other people what you were interested in, whether it be movies, music, activities, or something else. Everyone had their own thing they liked.

When you like a page, it doesn’t just say I like this. It really means that you are subscribed to the updates of the page. You may only want to be updated about what your favorite band is doing or if there’s a new episode of your TV show coming up.

But instead of liking just those things and nothing else, it’s good to like some funny pages – after all, there might be some hilarious memes worth checking out.

Quick Answer

To see the Pages Feed, go to your Facebook home page and look over at the left-hand side, below your profile picture. You should see Pages Feed; if you click that, you will see a list of pages you are subscribed to or followed.

You may have wondered which pages you’ve liked and how many there are. You might also consider deleting some, so they don’t clutter your page. Here’s how to find all of your liked pages on Facebook.

How To Find Liked Pages on Facebook on a PC

  1. Navigate to Facebook and log in.
  2. Click on “See more” in the left menu just under “Watch.”See more button in the Facebook's left navigation
  3. Select “Pages” from the left menu.Pages in the Facebook's left navigation
  4. Click on “Liked Pages.”Facebook's liked pages button
  5. You will now see all the pages you like and follow.Followed pages on Facebook

How To Find Liked Pages on Facebook Mobile App

  1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device and log in.
  2. Tap on the “Menu” tab in the bottom right corner of your screen.Three horizontal lines menu on Facebook
  3. Select “Pages.”Pages button in Facebook app
  4. Scroll left in the top navigation and select “Liked Pages.”Liked pages button on Facebook app
  5. You will see all of the pages that you like or follow.Liked pages on Facebook app

How To Unfollow Multiple Facebook Pages at Once

Here’s how to unfollow many Facebook pages in just a few minutes:

  1. Navigate to Facebook and log in.
  2. Click on “See more” in the left menu just under “Watch.”See more button in the Facebook's left navigation
  3. Select “Pages” from the additional menu items that appeared.Pages in the Facebook's left navigation
  4. Select “Liked Pages.”Facebook's likes pages button
  5. You will now see all the pages you like and follow.
  6. If the page has a “Following” button, click on that to unfollow the page.Following button in Facebook likes pages
  7. If there is no “Following” button present, click on the three dots next to the page.Three dots next to followed pages on Facebook
  8. Select “Follow settings.”Follow settings under followed pages on Facebook
  9. Toggle on the “Unfollow this Page” option and click on “Update.”Unfollow this page in follow settings on Facebook

Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to unfollow all pages at once, so you have to unlike those one-by-one. It can be a bit of a hassle if you have tons of followed pages; trust me, I know.

Useful Tips for Unliking Pages

If you want to know what a website is about before reading, hold down ctrl and click on the like. This will open the like in a new tab.

If you don’t know what the page is about or if you are no longer interested in it, click on the ‘Following’ button at the top of the page and select “Unfollow this Page.”

Before taking any actions, it is crucial to be sure about unliking the page. Many pages run various giveaways; one of the best ways for them to notify people of their next contest would be through your feed.

Setting up a monthly review of pages you like can save you time. If you make this part of your routine, it will be easier to remember why you liked a page and what they’re offering.

This way, when something changes, for example, the page becomes inactive or no longer giving away prizes, they’ll be easy to notice because they’ll show up in your monthly reminders.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we discussed how you could see pages you like and follow on Facebook. We also gave you a tutorial on unliking pages on Facebook. If you are one of the people who wants to keep their social media tidy, we have saved you some trouble.

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