How Much Do YouTube Sponsors Pay?

How Much Do Youtube Sponsors Pay

Earning money on YouTube is easy and hard; it depends on your effort and strategy. There are multiple ways of making money on YouTube, especially when you have a growing channel with numerous subscribers and viewers.

If you are new to YouTube monetization, you may not be comfortable with YouTube sponsors or understand how it works. We will answer everything about YouTube sponsors.

Quick Answer

When you have a channel with engaging content and large subscribers, a sponsor can reach out to you to promote their goods or services on your channel. They pay based on the views the created content gets. Most sponsors pay between $10 – $50 for every 1000 views. So, the amount you earn through such brand deals and sponsorship depends on the quality of the content, the views you get, and the sponsors’ budget.

What are YouTube sponsors? We will explain what YouTube sponsorship is and how it benefits content creators. Moreover, we will understand how much sponsors pay. Let’s get started!

What Is YouTube Sponsorship?

Online marketing is the new norm; every brand wants space and room to advertise its products and service. Brands employ numerous marketing strategies, and the common one includes sponsoring creators to market their deals.

For instance, if you are in the gaming industry on YouTube, a gaming brand may reach out and have you create content that will help them reach a bigger audience. The YouTube creator can create an integrated video to promote their sponsor’s products and services or integrate the advertising by mentioning them in a video.

YouTube sponsorship is an advanced version of affiliate marketing. Instead of joining an affiliate program, the creator gets brand deals directly. The sponsor will pay the creator based on the views the created adverting content will get. The more views you get, the wider the audience reaches, and the more money the creator will get.

Getting sponsors is not straightforward. You can quickly get shut down and discouraged by the brand offering sponsored videos. Most sponsors require a threshold before agreeing to support your content.

Some of the things they will check include the following.

Number of Subscribers

A channel with many subscribers means more audience and more people will interact with the sponsored content.

Thus, you can quickly get your target audience and make more sales. Besides, a channel with more subscribers is more promising than one with fewer subscribers.

Content Niche

A sponsor will check your niche to ensure it aligns with its brand’s goals. For instance, if you are a gaming YouTube creator, a gaming brand will easily engage with you as your niche aligns with it.

Type of Content

Every sponsor checks what content the creator engages in. The content must not be sensitive and should advocate for anything legal. No brand wants to tarnish its name in its marketing efforts.

Number of Views

A sponsor is only willing to sponsor videos where the channel gets numerous views for the content they upload. If you create videos that get millions or hundreds of thousands of views, you will likely get accepted and sponsored.

How Much Do YouTube Sponsors Pay?

You can consider getting sponsors to work with when you want to spread your earning wings on YouTube. A common question many creators ask is how much the sponsors pay. Here’s the thing, sponsors pay depending on the views you get.

The range is between $10 to $50 per 1000 views. However, you can get better deals if your channel has more subscribers and gets more views. How much you earn depends on the deals you get and the budget the sponsor has. You can negotiate with them for a better deal.


YouTube sponsors give deals to YouTube creators to sponsor their videos as they market their products and service. The sponsors pay between $10 to $50 per 1000 views.

We’ve understood what YouTube sponsorship means and the details regarding YouTube sponsors and how much they pay.

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