How To Connect Twitch to PS4

How To Connect Twitch To Ps4

Are you on Twitch and looking for a way to connect your PS4 to Twitch so you can stream comfortably?

Well, Twitch is a giant streaming platform, and when you want to share your gaming with your viewers, you can connect your PS4 to Twitch and start streaming your gaming sessions.

You will understand how that works by the end of this post.

Quick Answer

Twitch integrates with PS4 to allow gamers to stream their gaming easily. To connect Twitch to PS4, open your PS4 controller and tap “Settings.” Under “Account Management,” click the “Link with other services” option. Select “Twitch” and follow the instructions. Start your game and click the “Share” button once. Next, tap the “Broadcast Gameplay” option and select “Twitch” as your streaming service. Your gaming will stream on your Twitch channel.

You can connect Twitch to PS4 with simple steps. First, we will understand why you should connect the two and then offer the steps to follow to connect the two. That way, you will easily connect your PS4 to your Twitch account and start live streaming your gaming sessions.

Can Twitch Connect to PS4?

Twitch has solidified its ground as the leading streaming platform, and gamers enjoy using it for their gaming. Twitch accommodates all niches, and if you are a gamer, using Twitch to connect with your viewers and followers is beneficial.

It gets better since if you have a PS4, you can connect it to your Twitch account to share the gaming session and experiences as a live stream on your Twitch channel. You no longer have to game alone!

By connecting Twitch to PS4, your games will broadcast on your channel, and when you start the stream, people can see you in action.

How To Connect Twitch to PS4

There’s the pride you get in owning a PS4, and when gaming is your thing, it doesn’t hurt to extend the fun with your Twitch family. When you connect Twitch to PS4, you can stream your games from your PS4 to your Twitch channel.

Are you excited about it? How, then, do you connect Twitch to PS4? Here’s the thing: you must first have a working PS4 and a Twitch channel. When you have the two, follow the steps below.

  1. On your PS4, click the “Settings” option using your controller.
  2. Locate the “Account Management” option and tap on it.
  3. Click the “Link with other services” option.
  4. A list of the supported services will appear. Click on “Twitch.”

You will be prompted with various on-screen instructions on signing in to your Twitch account to connect the two platforms.

Once you follow all the instructions, you will have linked your Twitch account to the PS4. That way, you can stream your PS4 gaming to your Twitch channel.

To stream your games to your Twitch channel, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your PS4 and start any game you want to stream.
  2. On your controller, click the “Share” button. Ensure only to click it once.
  3. On the left window, find the “Broadcast Gameplay” option and click on it.
  4. The broadcast page will open, listing the different connected streaming services.
  5. Click on the “Twitch” service.
  6. Select the video options, including setting the stream title, etc.
  7. Once everything is correctly set up, click the “Start Broadcasting” option.

With that, the gaming on PS4 will be streamed on your Twitch channel for others to see. That’s the convenient way of engaging with your gaming family on Twitch.

When you finish the game, you can stop the streaming by clicking on the “Broadcast Settings” option on the left. There, locate the option to stop the broadcasting. It’s that simple.


PS4 offers different games for the gamers. When you have a Twitch account, you can link it with PS4 to stream your games on your Twitch channel.

Once you link the two, you can tap the stream option on your PS4 controller whenever you are gaming and select Twitch as the streaming service. That way, your viewers will see your gaming action.

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