Why YouTube Vanced Is Not Working?

Why Youtube Vanced Is Not Working

As a YouTube Vanced fan, it is disappointing to encounter errors with YouTube Vanced, causing you not to enjoy using the app.

What causes this, and can you fix it? Many users have reported that YouTube Vanced is not working, and despite their efforts to try to fix the error, nothing seems to work for them.

Are you trying to make YouTube Vanced work again? Do you want to understand why YouTube Vanced is not working? This post will help you out.

Quick Answer

Unfortunately, if you are getting an error when trying to watch videos using YouTube Vanced, that signals that YouTube is killing Vanced. This unfortunate fact has troubled many users, and there are various tricks you can try to see if they work. First, update the YouTube Vanced app and see if that fixes the issue or consider using a VPN to try other regions where the app is still functional. Also, ensure you’ve installed the correct Route and uninstall the existing ones.

Why is YouTube Vanced not working? We first detail everything about YouTube Vanced and why it fails to work. Next, we will discuss a few tricks you can try to ensure that you regain a working YouTube Vanced experience. Let’s begin!

Why YouTube Vanced Is Not Working?

YouTube has a mobile app you can download and install on your phone to enjoy YouTube without needing to access it via its website. However, you can get YouTube Vanced, a renowned YouTube mod version that lets you enjoy YouTube with added benefits, such as free ad blocking.

Moreover, it has other features, such as watching videos offline. While YouTube Vanced is an excellent choice for any YouTube lover, the app has recently been experiencing different problems limiting how you use it.

When using YouTube, you may run into a case where the app shows an error message when you try to play a video. What initially started as a glitch has now been reported by many users and begs the question of why YouTube Vanced fails to work.

Unfortunately, YouTube is killing YouTube Vanced and blocking it from accessing YouTube videos. YouTube released updates on its end to ensure the videos are not accessible by other third-party apps like YouTube Vanced, making its users switch to the official YouTube app.

For some users, YouTube Vanced fails to work in their region, but when they change the server, they can access it from other areas. Such a case shows that YouTube Vanced may fail to work in specific regions. Moreover, if you have an outdated app version, it may explain why it is not working for you.

How To Fix YouTube Vanced Not Working

It’s alarming and annoying that YouTube Vanced is not playing videos and now working as expected. If you have such a case, worry not. Below are the different options you can use to fix the issue for your case.

Clear Its Cache

Sometimes, corrupted cache and data could be why YouTube Vanced fails to work. Hence, you should clear them with the steps below.

  1. Open your Settings app on your phone.
  2. Navigate to “Apps.”
  3. Tap on “App Management” and tap on YouTube Vanced.
  4. Locate “Storage and Cache” and tap on it.
  5. Click the “Clear Cache” button and confirm the action if necessary.

After clearing the cache and data, open YouTube Vanced and sign in again using your Google account.

Install the Correct Route

Open your applications and find MicroG. Uninstall the app and proceed with the steps below to get the correct Route for the installation.

  1. Download the YouTube Vanced and MicroG apps.
  2. Unzip the downloaded files.
  3. Start by installing the MicroG app.
  4. YouTube Vanced will then get installed.
  5. After installing, open YouTube Vanced, sign in using your Google account, and enjoy videos.

Hopefully, that fixed the problem you were facing earlier.

Use a VPN

Suppose you get an issue with YouTube Vanced not working, and your friends in the same area also get the same. It could be YouTube Vanced is not working in your area.

Hence, consider finding a VPN and changing your location to another region where YouTube Vanced still works. Once you do, you can try opening YouTube Vanced and enjoy it with your changed location.

Repeat the process every time you want to utilize YouTube Vanced.


YouTube Vanced is not working mainly because YouTube updated its servers to block YouTube Vanced from accessing YouTube videos.

YouTube wants people to switch back to the official YouTube app and use the mod version to enjoy added benefits, like ad-free viewing.

We’ve discussed the matter and presented some tips to fix the problem.

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