How To See Trending Videos on YouTube

How To See Trending Videos On Youtube

Every day, something new trends on different platforms, including YouTube. When you are on YouTube, there is an option to see the trending videos for a particular day or week.

The trending videos appear as a list; you can tap on the listed videos to see what’s trending. Worry not if you don’t know how to access this tab, as this post will dive into the steps you should follow.

Quick Answer

You can see the trending videos on the YouTube browser and the YouTube app. For the YouTube app, open it on your phone, find the compass-like icon at the top, and tap it. Select the “Trending” option from the list. If accessing YouTube on the browser, open the YouTube website, locate the “Explore” section on the left sidebar menu, and select “Trending.”

What are trending YouTube videos? This post answers this question and provides detailed steps to access the YouTube trending videos on your YouTube app and via the browser. Read on!

What Are Trending YouTube Videos?

Who doesn’t love seeing the trending topics and feeds? Assuming you are on a platform like X (formerly Twitter), you can search for trending topics and feeds. If you are on YouTube, you can see what videos are trending based on different criteria.

YouTube has its algorithm for determining which videos are trending for you based on location. Below are some factors considered by YouTube before determining which video is trending.

Watch Time

On YouTube, watch time refers to how long people watch a video. Please don’t confuse it with view count. YouTube’s algorithm now prioritizes videos with a longer watch time than those with many views.

If a video has a longer watch time, it will appear on the trending videos, and one with many views may fail to get ranked as a trending video.

So, if your video retains viewers to watch it longer, its chances of appearing as a trending video are high.


A video’s interactions, including likes, dislikes, shares, comments, etc., greatly determine whether the video qualifies as trending.

You can have a video with a large view count, but if it has a poor interaction rate, it won’t appear as a trending video.

Content Uniqueness

Unique content is entertaining, and when YouTube detects that you’ve shared unique content, you will easily find your video trending. Unique content is widely shared, and YouTube plays a role by adding such videos to trending videos.

Hopefully, you’ve now understood what a trending YouTube video is and what factors determine whether the video is trending or not.

How To See Trending Videos on YouTube

Having discussed what a trending YouTube video is, we then must see what steps you should follow to access the trending YouTube videos.

You can find trending YouTube videos using the YouTube mobile app or by accessing the YouTube website on your browser. Both methods are detailed in this post.

Using the YouTube Mobile App

Most YouTube users utilize the YouTube mobile app to access different YouTube content. Using the YouTube app, you can navigate to the “Trending” section and find all those videos with the steps below.

  1. Open your YouTube app on your phone.
  2. Locate the compass-like icon at the top. Tap on it to bring up a list.
  3. Select “Trending” from the list.

All the trending videos will appear as a list. You can click on any of the listed videos to watch it.

Using a Browser

You can open the YouTube website on your browser and manage to access the trending videos with simple steps.

  1. Open your browser and access the YouTube website.
  2. Expand the menu on the left.
  3. Navigate to the “Explore” section.
  4. Click on “Trending.”

The trending videos will appear as a list.


Trending videos are based on a given criterion determined by the YouTube algorithm. We’ve discussed what a trending YouTube video is, what metrics determine a trending YouTube video, and the steps to access the trending YouTube videos on your mobile and browser.

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