Why Is My Text Red in Discord?

Why Is My Text Red In Discord

As a VoIP platform, Discord supports communication over the internet. It would be best if you were connected to the internet, whether directly messaging your Discord friend or in a Discord server.

When texting on Discord and you get a red text, you may get confused about what it means. If you are getting a red text in Discord, we will help you understand what causes it.

Quick Answer

Discord is the ideal application for conveniently talking with friends. Your message won’t get sent when you send a message with an internet error. When that happens, your text will appear in red. Different factors cause text to appear red in Discord. If you are using a VPN or there is an error with the Discord app or its servers, sending messages may be affected, and that will cause your text to appear red.

This post covers why Discord texts appear red. We will discuss the problem in detail, explaining the different causes of the problem. While at it, we will cover various measures you can take to eliminate the problem.

Why Is My Text Red in Discord?

When you create a Discord account, the next step is to start communicating with your friends. You can directly message people you’ve added as your Discord friends. Alternatively, you can create or join a Discord server and interact with the server members.

When you message someone on Discord, your message should appear in some colors. By default, your text should appear in white to show it has been successfully sent. However, when you see strange colors, such as red, it signals an error with your message.

The red text shows that Discord has not sent your message. If your message has not been sent, others on the server won’t see it unless you fix the problem and try resending the same message.

Let’s see the different causes of the red text in Discord and their fixes.

Network Failure

Discord is an online platform requiring an active internet connection for you to use without getting any errors. However, when you have a weak or no internet connection, your Discord activities will be hindered, and messages won’t get sent. This error will make your Discord message appear red.

To fix this problem, switch between cellular data and Wi-Fi. If that doesn’t fix the problem, try restarting your router to reset the network settings. Still, turn airplane mode on and off.

Try the following fixes if these fixes don’t help fix your network error to eliminate the red text.


When connected to a VPN, your network traffic is tunneled to hide your IP address. However, this lags your network and could be why your text is red on Discord because your internet connection is affected.

If you are using a VPN, consider turning it off and trying to send your Discord message. Hopefully, all will work fine this time.

Discord Server Outage

When Discord is experiencing an error with its server, sending messages will get interrupted. When you get a red text color when using Discord, quickly check if there is a reported issue with the Discord server using a Downdetector.

If there is an error, wait for Discord to resolve it. If no error is reported, the issue is something else.

Technical Glitch

Sometimes, minor glitches could affect your Discord application. These glitches can affect messaging and make your text appear red when you send it.

To fix this, restart your Discord application and your device. After the restart, everything will hopefully work as expected.

An issue with the Server region

Discord had an option where you could change the server region for your Discord server and select a more reliable server. Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore. But if you somehow managed to dodge these updates, you may have this feature available and can change the region by following the steps below.

  1. Open your Discord application.Open Discord Pc Application
  2. Open your Discord server and click the down arrow at the top.Click On The Downward Caret Or Down Arrow
  3. Click on “Server Settings” from the listed options.Select Server Settings From The Menu.
  4. Navigate to the “Overview” tab and click the Region Override option.Click The Region Override Option
  5. Select your preferred server region and close the settings window.Select Your Preferred Server Region

With the new server region, your messages should be successfully sent on Discord without appearing in red.


If your Discord is up-to-date, this option might not be available.


Your message has not been sent when you see red text in Discord. Some explanations for this error include issues with network connectivity, a technical glitch, server outage, and issues with server region. We’ve discussed each problem and given a solution for it.

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