Why Does WhatsApp Ask for Credit Card?

Why Does Whatsapp Ask For Credit Card

WhatsApp has billions of users, making it among the most widely used messaging platform. Besides, businesses can now operate online using a WhatsApp business account, and individuals can communicate via chats or calls.

With the many users, WhatsApp has become an easy target for fraudsters trying to steal from innocent WhatsApp users. You can quickly get scammed on WhatsApp for someone not informed or keen.

Quick Answer

WhatsApp users have reported that WhatsApp asks for their credit card details as a way of paying to avoid their accounts getting terminated. WhatsApp can never ask for your credit card details, and if you see anyone texting you with the WhatsApp logo as their profile, know that they are trying to scam you. You should not give out your credit card details to anyone on WhatsApp.

This guide begins by discussing why fraudsters easily target WhatsApp. Next, we will discuss why WhatsApp is asking for credit cards and how to determine whether someone is a scammer on WhatsApp.

Why Is WhatsApp an Easy Target for Fraudsters?

WhatsApp has over two billion users. Hence, many scammers target WhatsApp users as it gives them a pool of many potential victims. Besides, all it takes to contact someone on WhatsApp is their phone number.

WhatsApp is an easy target as most users can quickly get scammed without noticing. We’ve seen many reported cases of WhatsApp scams involving using suspicious links, impersonation, etc. Some fraudsters pretend to be WhatsApp support teams and try to steal personal information from WhatsApp users.

Whatsapp Ask For Credit Card

If you are not keen, you can quickly get scammed on WhatsApp and lose your money or information. Below are the tips for detecting a WhatsApp scammer.

  • They have a WhatsApp logo that is not verified.
  • They chat, pretend to be a WhatsApp support team, and ask for your personal information.
  • An impersonation of your friend asking for an emergency fund with the promise of refunding soon.
  • An unknown number is suspiciously messaging you.
  • Messages containing random giveaways asking you to forward them.

When you detect such scamming signs, locate the option to block the sender and report them as spam.

Why Does WhatsApp Ask for Credit Card?

WhatsApp is a free messaging platform that only requires users to add phone numbers to register for an account. Besides, WhatsApp doesn’t have ads or a subscription service to access premium features.

So, when you are using WhatsApp and find someone texting you and asking for your credit card, that’s a scammer. At no point does WhatsApp require users to give out their credit card details for any activity or verification.

Again, it’s rare for WhatsApp to text users. When you find a new number with the WhatsApp logo texting you and asking you to give out your credit card information, that’s a scammer trying to steal your information. Your credit card details are crucial, and you should never give them to anyone.

Moreover, you should refrain from sharing sensitive information such as credit card details via WhatsApp as, although the platform is end-to-end encrypted, your security of such details is at risk. However, feel free to use it for other communications that don’t include sharing sensitive information.


WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform that has millions of global users. The platform is freely available on Apple Store or Google Play Store for users to download, install, and start using it.

When using WhatsApp, scammers can target you and ask for your credit card details. In such a case, block and report them, as WhatsApp can never ask you to provide your credit card information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you pay to use WhatsApp?

No, you shouldn’t. WhatsApp doesn’t have any monetization, such as ads or premium subscriptions. Therefore, at no point are you required to pay to use WhatsApp. Simply download and install WhatsApp on your device, then start communicating with your friends at your convenience.

Why does WhatsApp ask for a credit card?

WhatsApp can never ask users to share their credit card details. If someone asks for your credit card pretending to be WhatsApp customer support, that’s a scammer trying to steal your credit card to rip you off your money, block and report the scammer.

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