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Why Does Twitter Ruin Video Quality?

Why Does Twitter Ruin Video Quality

Have you ever imagined the amount of data received on Twitter per second?

Imagine someone somewhere uploading a video and another text while many people access the content simultaneously.

Twitter understands not all users have a strong internet connection and must take measures to ensure everyone can enjoy watching the videos on Twitter without any stutter.

Quick Answer

Twitter uses a strict compression technique like many social media apps to ensure your content is in the smallest size possible, which may deteriorate the video quality. Other reasons why Twitter might be showing you videos of low quality are having a weak internet speed or you are in data saving mode.

There are many reasons why Twitter might be showing low video quality, as this guide is going to explain. If you no longer want to see low video quality on Twitter, we have also presented some tips to help you solve the issue!

Why Does Twitter Ruin Video Quality?

Many users are complaining about video quality on Twitter getting ruined.

To help you understand why Twitter is ruining video quality, we have analyzed the various issues as follows.

Reason #1: Compression Algorithms

Everything that Twitter does, it does for their users, and they must ensure everybody on their platform does not encounter buffering videos.

Twitter must ensure that your content gets reduced to the smallest size.

Because of the strict algorithms used for compressing the videos, they end up ruining the quality of the videos.

Reason #2: Network Issues from Your Side

Do you know that video quality changes according to the strength of your network?

If your network connection is weak, experiencing low video quality is normal because Twitter wants you to continue enjoying uninterrupted viewing, given your network strength.

You might agree that experiencing interruptions every five seconds is worse than a blurred video.

Reason #3: You Have Enabled Data Saving

Using data saving on your mobile phone enables you to save on the amount of data you use at the expense of the video quality you see on Twitter.

Thus, you may experience blurred Twitter videos if data saving is enabled.

Reason #4: Your Video is Not Using the Recommended File Format

You may sometimes wonder why Twitter gives the file format specifications supported by the platform.

As we mentioned earlier, videos uploaded on Twitter must get compressed when they are of an unacceptable size.

When they get compressed to optimize them, they may ruin their quality.

How To Fix Twitter Video Quality

Experiencing blurred videos on Twitter can be frustrating as they prevent you from having the best experience on the platform.

The better thing is that you can try the following tips to ensure your video quality is better when uploading it on Twitter.

Tip #1: Follow the Recommended File Format

When you upload your video to Twitter, ensure you strictly convert your video to the recommended file format.

You can use MP4 or MOV, depending on whether you use a desktop or mobile phone.

Tip #2: Consider Size Requirements

It is advisable to ensure your video stays within the size limit given by Twitter to avoid getting compressed further, which will ruin the quality.

Moreover, ensure the video is not longer than two minutes and twenty seconds.

Tip #3: Use a Strong Internet Connection

If you are experiencing low video quality on Twitter, it is good to ensure your network is strong and not making your video blurred.

You can communicate with your network provider to determine the cause of low network issues.


Twitter has implemented various mechanisms to ensure its users have the best experience on the platform.

Most of the measures are to ensure you will use the platform again.

If your video quality is not suitable, this guide has explained the possible causes and how you can fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my Twitter videos low quality?

If you upload your video on Twitter and notice the quality is ruined, several reasons may cause the issue. There are chances that your video got corrupted while editing, or you uploaded it in the wrong format and unacceptable size, resulting in extreme compression. If you see the quality changing while watching on Twitter, your network may be having issues.

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