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What Does “JS” Mean on Snapchat?

What Does Js Mean On Snapchat

As one of the most popular messaging apps on the internet, Snapchat users employ different slang words and abbreviations to make their experience on the app fun and interesting.

And even when they don’t agree with themselves on a particular topic, there are words they use to express themselves to keep the conversation going. An example is “JS”.

Quick Answer

So what does “JS” mean on Snapchat? “JS” simply means “Just saying”. You use “just saying” when you are trying to air your opinion without seeming bossy or looking like you are trying to taunt the recipient. Snapchat users use this slang to sound direct and blunt while trying to maintain the flow of the conversation.

This article will explain what “JS” means on Snapchat and show you how to hold fluid conversations with your friends on Snapchat.

What Is “JS”? 

Just saying, “JS”, is a slang word used to add more fluidity in conversations. As with every other slang word on Snapchat, they add some form of flow to how you interact with your friends, especially if you like to speak your mind at every point.

And when you want to tell it the way it is without looking like a bad person with no feelings, you should use more “JS” in your conversations.

Sometimes, “JS” is also used when you are stating an obvious fact in a conversation; even if it sounds unnecessary, it still doesn’t hurt to say. In general, the emphasis is always on the flow of your conversation.

How Do I Use “JS”?

The best way to use the “JS” slang is by adding it naturally to blunt expressions to make it sound mild. Even at that, there is no rigid way to use it.

An example of using “JS” is, “I really think Jake could use a deodorant, JS”.

Another way this works is by sending a snap to a friend saying, “Diana looks good in red, JS!”

You could also respond to a friend’s status on Snapchat by dropping a snap like, “I think you should apply more lipstick next time, JS.”

If you have a funky friend who’s opinionated, you might get lots of “JS” conversations from them. Something like, “Hey buddy, I think we should see a movie this weekend, JS!”

Other examples of using “JS” on Snapchat are:

  • Ladies, we should learn to support each other, JS.
  • The world would be a better place if we just learned how to love without expectations, JS!
  • Hey Dave, how about you take a walk instead of driving, JS!
  • Sheila is beautiful, JS!

Friends that use the “JS” in their conversation most times understand themselves; you may not want to use “JS” on strangers you just met on Snapchat, especially if they don’t understand your conversation style.

Other Slang Words Like “JS”

Other alternatives to “JS” are “JTOT” and “I mean”. “JTOT” is short for “just throwing it/that out there”. And just like the “JS” slang, you can use it when trying to state an obvious fact or your opinion on something.

For example, you could post on your Snapchat status saying:

  • I’d pick pizza over pie any day, JTOT.
  • Who else thinks diamonds are better than rubies? JTOT!

Even though the slang “I mean” can be used in place of “JS”, it’s sometimes used as a filler phrase. For example,

  • You have to stop taking so much junk, I mean, it’s not healthy.
  • Being consistent isn’t easy. I mean, who doesn’t love a life filled with ease?


There you have it; now you can use “JS” correctly and add spice to your conversation. Express yourself the way you would love to without having to look like the bad guy or a bossy person. It keeps the interactions with you and your friends alive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “WE” mean on Snapchat?

“WE” is short for “whatever”. It expresses that you don’t care so much about something. Most times, people use it as a filler phrase.

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