Why Does My Discord Ping Spike?

Why Does My Discord Ping Spike

Discord offers you a convenient way of keeping in touch with different communities and your friends. Using Discord is easy and free. Moreover, you will enjoy Discord’s numerous features to spice up your experience.

Unfortunately, you may find a case where Discord ping spikes forcing the app to lag. This scenario reduces Discord’s performance and can quickly frustrate you, especially during a Discord call.

Quick Answer

Discord pings occur due to various reasons. The common causes include hardware strain which can be fixed by enabling hardware acceleration, straining of the memory due to many apps running in the background, issues with the internet connection, and Discord servers facing an outage. Moreover, if you are using an unstable Discord version, it could lead to a Discord ping.

We will understand Discord ping. We will see what causes it and offer ways you can use to reduce these pings to enhance Discord’s performance when using it for communication. Let’s get started!

Why Does My Discord Ping Spike?

When using Discord, you may have a case where Discord ping spikes causing Discord to lag. When this happens, you will get frustrated with how Discord will degrade in performance. Ping spikes are never good news, and when you open Discord only to hear these ping spikes, you will be distracted from your activities.

It could be you were in the middle of a call or sending a message when you suddenly experienced Discord spikes. Before you panic, knowing that many users experience the same situation and knowing what causes this and how to fix it will give you an added advantage. Here are the common causes of Discord ping spikes.

Unstable Internet Connection

When you have weak internet, the impact will be felt on Discord. An active internet connection is essential in ensuring Discord connects with its servers to create seamless communication between you and your friends or the Discord server you’ve joined.

So, if your suspect your internet connection is weak, a speed test can help you confirm this as one of the first ways of troubleshooting the error.

Hardware Restrictions

Although Discord doesn’t drain your hardware resources, you may need to enhance hardware usage to keep Discord alive and resolve the ping spikes when using an old device.

Memory Strain

Multiple applications running in the background will affect memory usage and cause straining. When there is bandwidth and RAM competition between the running applications, Discord may experience ping spikes.

Discord Server Outages

When Discord suffers a problem, causing their servers to experience unplanned downtime, every Discord client will be affected. Such a case could explain why you are experiencing ping spikes.

An Issue With Discord Version

When you’ve disabled automatic updates for your Discord application, you may get a case where Discord fails to work correctly due to a bug with the outdated version.

How To Fix Discord Ping Spike

Discord ping spikes are uncalled for and cause persistent lagging of the application. You can quickly troubleshoot and fix the problem using the methods below.

Confirm Discord Status

Check the Discord status to check if all its systems are in operation. If there is an error, let Discord fix it, and try using Discord after the fix.

Fix Your Internet

When you have weak internet, consider contacting your ISP. For cellular data, ensure you have an active data subscription plan. Still, restart your router to check if that resolves the Wi-Fi network error.

Enable Hardware Acceleration

Discord has a “Hardware acceleration” feature that you can use to enhance hardware usage.

  1. Open the Discord app.
  2. Click the settings icon at the bottom.
  3. Click “Advanced” from the “User Settings” left sidebar menu.
  4. Enabled the option for “Hardware Acceleration.”

Close Background Apps

Consider closing applications you are not using to reduce memory and bandwidth strain. Where possible, ensure you only leave Discord as the active app.


Discord ping spikes occur due to numerous issues. We’ve discussed some of its causes and the different ways you can use to fix this problem. With that, you will have success in eliminating Discord ping spikes on your end.

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