How To Hide My WhatsApp Account From Others

How To Hide My Whatsapp Account From Others

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that connects people globally.

When you have a WhatsApp account, anyone with your phone number can contact you on the platform.

It can get annoying, especially when you get messages from unwanted people.

So, is there a way to hide your WhatsApp account from others? Or how can you minimize your access from specific people?

Quick Answer

Anyone who has your WhatsApp number can message you unless you block them. However, there are different tricks to hide your WhatsApp account. You can hide your WhatsApp profile from specific people or everyone, your WhatsApp about section, profile picture, status, and blue ticks. That way, you create an illusion that you are inactive on WhatsApp and deny others room to interact with your WhatsApp profile and status.

We will cover why you may want to hide your WhatsApp from others. Next, we will discuss various tricks and their steps for hiding a WhatsApp account.

Why Hide My WhatsApp Account?

We all enjoy privacy when using different social media accounts. WhatsApp requires users to add their phone numbers for verification.

Hence, anyone with your phone number can see that you’ve created a WhatsApp account and message you.

It could be that you don’t want the person to interact with your WhatsApp profile details, status, or message. That’s when knowing how to hide your WhatsApp becomes necessary.

The thing is, WhatsApp doesn’t let you be invisible.

Instead, it offers different features that help control who should access what on your WhatsApp profile.

How To Hide My WhatsApp Account from Others

You can use various tricks to hide your WhatsApp account from others. The trick to use depends on your goal.

Let’s dive in!

Method #1: Block Someone

When you have specific people that you don’t want they access your WhatsApp details, including profile picture and status, blocking them is the ideal move.

You can block someone on Android and iPhone; just follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application.Open Whatsapp On Your Phone
    • On iPhone, click on “Settings” at the bottom.On Iphone, Click On Settings At The Bottom Whatsapp
    • On Android, click on the three dots at the top, then tap the “Settings” option.Tap On Settings
  2. Click on the “Privacy” option.Tap Privacy Option
  3. Tap on the option for “Blocked contacts.”Tap On The Option For Blocked Contacts
    • On iPhone, click the “Add New…” option to block a contact.Click The Add New Option
    • On Android, click the plus icon at the top.Click The Pawn Icon At The Top
  4. Add the people you want to block.Add The People

The blocked person can’t interact with your profile or message you until you unlock them.

Method #2: Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture

WhatsApp lets you control who can access your WhatsApp profile picture. For instance, you can hide it from everyone.

Open your WhatsApp and navigate to “Settings” > “Privacy.”

Tap Privacy Option

Click the option for “Profile photo” and choose the option for “Nobody.”

Choose The Option For Nobody

Method #3: Hide WhatsApp About

Still, on the WhatsApp privacy page, you can hide your WhatsApp about.

So, click on the option for “About” and select which option favors your goal.

Open The About Section

Suppose you want to hide it from specific contacts. You can use the “My contacts except” option and select which contacts to hide it from.

Use The My Contacts Except Option

Method #4: Hide Last Seen

Similarly, you can hide your WhatsApp account by hiding your WhatsApp activity, so someone can’t know when you are online.

To hide your “Last seen” and “online” messages, open “Settings” and access the “Privacy” section. Click the “Last seen and online” option, then select your option.

Click On The Last Seen And Online

Method #5: Remove Blue Ticks

The “Read receipts” let the sender know when the receiver receives and views the message.

Suppose you don’t want to respond to someone and don’t want them to know you are ignoring them, turn off blue ticks.

Open “Settings” > “Account” > “Privacy,” then disable the option for “Read receipts.” That’s it!

Disable The Option For Read Receipts

Method #6: Hide WhatsApp Status

The status privacy lets you decide who should see your WhatsApp status update.

So, if you want to exclude specific people, it’s possible.

Open your WhatsApp “Settings” page. Navigate to the “Privacy” section and tap the “Status” option, then select who shouldn’t see your WhatsApp status.

Click Status


Your WhatsApp privacy matters.

When you want to hide your WhatsApp account from others, consider hiding the profile picture, status, about, last seen, blue ticks, or blocking someone.

This guide has detailed the steps to follow to achieve that.

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