How To Use QTweet Discord Bot

How To Use Qtweet Discord Bot

Discord offers numerous features. One standing feature is adding different bots to your Discord server. When you add a bot to your server, you can execute its commands to trigger different actions.

Have you tried the QTweet bot on Discord? Our focus today is on how to use the QTweet Discord bot. So, read on to get more information about the bot.

Quick Answer

QTweet bot lets you automatically share your Tweets to a Discord server. You can share your tweets in real-time and share the link to the tweet. To use the QTweet Discord bot, start by ensuring you have a server where to add the bot. Next, open your browser and visit the invite page for the QTweet bot. Select your server and proceed to authorize the bot access and grant it the required permissions in your server.

We will discuss the QTweet bot and how to use it in Discord. We will handle everything, starting with creating a Discord server. Next, we will show to invite the bot to your server and the commands required to use QTweet. Let’s get started!

What Is the QTweet Discord Bot?

When you want to share your tweets with your Discord friends or on a server, you need a bot that supports sharing Twitter posts on Discord. A good example is the QTweet bot. It is a simple bot that cross-posts your Twitter posts to your preferred Discord channels.

With QTweet, you no longer need to access your Twitter again to share your posts. The bot will share the posts, including the link to each shared post. Moreover, you can use it to share posts with a particular friend via their DMs.

QTweet has a few features.

  • It shares the link to a given tweet.
  • It can un-shorten t.co URLs.
  • The bot can highlight #hashtags.
  • It can replace screen names with display names using the @mentions.
  • QTweet shares Twitter posts in real-time

How To Use QTweet Discord Bot

Before you can use any bot on Discord, you must have a server where you will add the bot. When inviting the bot to your Discord account, select the created bot. So, let’s first create a Discord server where we will add the QTweet bot.

For Discord Desktop:

  1. Open your Discord desktop application.
  2. On the left sidebar, click the plus icon.
  3. Select the option for “Create My Own.”
  4. Select the audience and then add a name and server picture.
  5. Lastly, click the “Create” button.

For Discord Mobile:

  1. Open your Discord mobile app on your iOS or Android.
  2. Tap the menu icon at the top.
  3. Find the plus icon on the left sidebar and tap on it.
  4. Tap the “Create My Own” option.
  5. Select the audience and then add a name and server picture.
  6. Lastly, hit the “Create Server” button.

You now have your Discord server ready. You can invite members to join or add your Discord friends. Let’s invite the QTweet bot and see how we can use it.

  1. Open the top.gg QTweet site.
  2. Click the “Invite” button.
  3. You must log in to Discord if you’ve not logged in on your browser.
  4. Once you’ve logged in, select the server you created.
  5. Click the “Continue” button.
  6. QTweet will display the permissions it requires. Click the “Authorize” button at the bottom.
  7. Once you mark the captcha, the bot is available in your Discord, and you can start using it.
  8. Open your Discord application and log in.
  9. Open the server where you added the bot.
  10. Join the text channel for the server.
  11. To post a tweet from a user, use the “/tweet username,” such as “/tweet triza.” The bot will display the latest post shared by the mentioned user.

Using the QTweet Commands

QTweet has three categories of commands: everyone, mods, and bot owner. So, the command you execute will depend on the permission group you belong to.

Commands for Everyone

These are commands that people can anyone in the channel can execute. Server members with no privileges use the commands.

For instance, any user can post tweets from any Twitter account. If you want to share tweets for a user named “mike,” you can try two ways to achieve this: “/tweet mike” or “/tweet https://twitter.com/mike.”

Moderator Commands

Anyone with moderator permissions can execute higher privilege commands. This category is for anyone with manage permissions in the server.

For instance, you can command the bot to share tweets from a user named “mike” but not their text posts with the command “/start mike notext: True.”

Bot Owner

This category is for commands that the bot can execute unless you create your instance of the QTweet Discord bot. For instance, the bot can announce something with the “/announce <message>” command.


We’ve discussed the QTweet Discord bot. Still, we’ve seen how to invite it on Discord and execute various commands to start using it. Have fun!

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