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Why Does Microsoft Teams Keep Reinstalling?

Why Does Microsoft Teams Keep Reinstalling

Microsoft Team is a commonly used team collaboration tool for most organizations.

When you want to use it, you can install the desktop version on your PC and use it for your work. However, when you no longer need to have Microsoft Teams installed on your PC, you can uninstall it.

The problem occurs when Microsoft Team keeps reinstalling itself whenever you boot up your PC.

What causes this, and how can you fix it?

Quick Answer

Here’s the thing, when you uninstall Microsoft Team, you’ve not entirely removed it from your system. Another program called Team Machine-Wide Installer remains after you uninstall Microsoft Team. This program causes Microsoft Team to reinstall itself whenever you boot up your PC. To completely remove Microsoft Team, you must remove the two programs simultaneously for it to work.

We will understand why Microsoft Teams keep reinstalling itself on your PC. Next, we will offer different ways you can fix this problem to ensure Microsoft Teams is wholly removed from your PC.

Why Does Microsoft Teams Keep Reinstalling?

Many users have reported that even after uninstalling Microsoft Teams from their PC, it keeps reinstalling itself after you reboot your system.

What causes this?

If you have the same question, we understand how confusing it can be for Microsoft Teams to remain on your system even after you uninstall it.

When you install Microsoft Team on your PC, it also installs Team Machine-Wide Installer. Its purpose is to reinstall Microsoft Team on your system.

So, if you uninstalled Microsoft Teams but failed to uninstall the Team Machine-Wide Installer, you will note that Microsoft Teams will keep reinstalling on your system.

The trick here is to ensure you remove both programs simultaneously. That way, you won’t have Microsoft Team reinstalling itself.

We will see how to remove both programs in different ways on your PC completely.

How To Fix It When Microsoft Teams Keep Reinstalling

Let’s face it, we sometimes get tired of using Microsoft Teams or need to uninstall it when we get a better alternative tool to use it.

When you no longer need to have Microsoft Teams on your PC, you can remove it to save space.

If you don’t correctly uninstall Microsoft Teams, the program will keep reinstalling itself, which is annoying.

Luckily, we know how best to uninstall Microsoft Teams if you want to completely eliminate it.

This post will guide you on the steps to follow.

Method #1: Uninstall It via Control Panel

When you open Control Panel on your PC, you can remove Microsoft Teams and Teams Machine-Wide Installer to ensure the program doesn’t reinstall itself.

  1. Open Control Panel on your PC by clicking on the Windows key and typing “Control Panel”.
  2. Once it opens, click on “Programs and Features”.
  3. Click on the “Uninstall a program” option.
  4. A list of all your installed programs will appear.
  5. Locate “Microsoft Teams” on the list.
  6. Right-click on it and select the “Uninstall” option.
  7. Also, locate the “Teams Machine-Wide Installer” program, right-click on it, and select the “Uninstall” option.

That’s the first solution to get Microsoft Teams completely removed from your system.

Method #2: Uninstall It via Windows Settings

From Windows settings, you can access all the applications installed on your system and uninstall the two programs to guarantee that Microsoft Teams won’t keep reinstalling itself.

  1. Click on the Windows key on your PC.
  2. Type “Settings” and click on it to open.
  3. Once the settings page opens, click on “Apps”.
  4. Next, locate “Microsoft Teams” and “Teams Machine-Wide Installer” on the listed applications.
  5. Click on each of the applications and select the “Uninstall” option.

The on-screen instructions will guide you on uninstalling the applications from your system. That way, you will have Microsoft Teams completely removed from your system, and it won’t reinstall itself.

Method #3: Remove All Its AppData

Once we’ve uninstalled Microsoft Teams, it’s recommended to clear its cache. That’s possible by deleting all the related files and folders for Microsoft Teams.

  1. Click on the Windows key button and search for “Run”.
  2. Once the “Run” program opens, type %appdata% and press the “Ok” button.
  3. Your file explorer window will open. Click on the “Microsoft” folder.
  4. Once inside it, click on the “Teams” folder.
  5. Select all the files inside the folder and click the “delete” button.

Once you’ve removed all the files, you’ve cleared the cache.


When you have Microsoft Teams reinstalling itself, it means you failed to remove the Teams Machine-Wide Installer program from your system.

We’ve covered two safe ways of removing the two programs to guarantee that we completely eliminate Microsoft Teams from your PC. Moreover, we’ve seen how to get rid of the cache files.

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