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Why Does Messenger Say I Have a Message?

Why Does Messenger Say I Have A Message

Messenger is a Facebook application that is used mainly for sending direct messages.

When you wish to have a private chat with one of your Facebook friends, Messenger has proved to be helpful.

One annoying thing many users have experienced with Messenger is getting a notification that they have a message when there is none. If you have experienced the same issue, this post is for you!

So, why does Messenger say you have a message?

Quick Answer

It can be annoying to see Messenger saying you have a message only to open it and find none. But in most cases, when Messenger says you have a message, it shows an unread message you have not opened. If that is not the case, it indicates Messenger has a bug, and you need to fix it to avoid seeing the notification.

The guide has explained why Messenger says you have a message and how to fix the issue to avoid getting such notifications when there is no message.

Why Does Messenger Say I Have a Message?

The Messenger application is useful for enabling Facebook users to send private messages to their friends. Normally, the application should send its users notifications when they receive a message they need to read.

Unfortunately, many people have reported that Messenger notifies them they have a message when there is no new message to read.

When you constantly use Messenger, this can be annoying and time-wasting because it makes you feel you have important notifications when you have none.

The following are common reasons Messenger may say you have a message.

Reason #1: You Have Unread Messages

You may have an unread message in your sorted or a different folder, making Messenger notify you of such a message.

Reason #2: Facebook Marketplace Notifications

Another possible scenario why Messenger may show that you have a message is if you use the Facebook Marketplace to request something like a rating from buyers.

When you do so, Facebook may record those as messages; when you open them, the notification disappears.

Reason #3: Messenger May Be Having a Bug

Many users have expressed concern when they receive notifications about messages when they have none.

Many users have confirmed that it seems to be a Messenger bug because they could not find any unread messages after going through all messages.

Thus, in such a case, you can update your Messenger app to fix any bugs showing the notification.

How To Fix Messenger Showing I Have a Message When I Don’t Have

If you have found out that Messenger says you have a message when there is none, you may want to find a way to fix the issue to avoid wasting your time when you have no message.

You can fix the issue using the methods explained in this section.

Method #1: Clear Facebook Messenger Notifications

When you discover no message on Messenger, the first thing is to clear the notification, to avoid missing important notifications when they come.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Facebook.com on a suitable browser on your computer. Facebook Pc Login
  2. Tap on the Messenger icon to open messages. Messenger Icon At The Top Facebook
  3. If you have an unread message, it will get indicated in bold. Open the message to make it go away.  Click Open The Message To Remove Notification
  4. Log into the mobile application, and the notification will go away. Facebook Messenger Phone

Method #2: Search For Unread Texts

Search For Unread Texts

Facebook Messenger will indicate you have a message when they think there is a message you have not read.

Therefore, it is important to go through your threads and ensure they indicate as read; that way, you will no longer have any unread messages.

Method #3: Check Messages Archive

Check Messages Archive

It is advisable to check all the archived messages because they might have notifications that cannot be visible on Messenger.

If you find new messages in archives, read them to clear the notification.

Method #4: Update Messenger

Update Button Playstore Messenger

The final fix you can try is updating your application.

If you try all fixes without success, Messenger may have a bug.

To fix the bug, navigate to Play Store (or App Store for iOS) and update your app or reinstall Messenger after deleting the previous one.


Facebook Messenger has enabled many people to get valuable notifications from friends and family.

If you realize Messenger is saying you have a message when you have none, this guide has explained the possible reasons for that and how you can deal with the issue!

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