How Many Times Does FaceTime Ring?

How Many Times Does Facetime Ring

Facetime is a popular application many Apple users prefer when making video calls.

You may have something urgent to tell your friend and realize your Facetime calls are not being received.

When you call a person for a long time without an answer, you may think you are blocked or they are ignoring you.

If you have had such an issue, read this guide for more details!

Quick Answer

Facetime usually rings eleven times before it is considered a missed call. However, the number of times Facetime may ring may differ depending on many factors. Sometimes, a person’s phone may be off, and the server may take some time before noticing that. Therefore, Facetime rings a different number of times depending on many factors, as discussed in this guide.

If you are new to Facetime and want assurance that you are not blocked, you are in the right place. Please continue reading this post to understand how often Facetime rings, what unavailable means when shown on Facetime, and how you can tell when you are blocked.

How Many Times Does Facetime Ring?

There is no specific number of times that Facetime rings because it depends on factors like the network strength and a person’s availability.

You may call someone on Facetime and hear the rings from your side, but it is also possible that the other person has not received any call.

Normally, when all factors are considered, Facetime should ring eleven times before it gets regarded as a missed call. After Facetime calls eleven times, you will see a notification that the person is unavailable.

Additionally, sometimes Facetime may ring a few times. That means the person is probably unavailable, or the internet is bringing the issues. Also, if a person declines a call, it will ring a few times.

What Does “Unavailable” Mean on Facetime?

FaceTime usually shows an “unavailable” notification when you make a call on Facetime, and the end receiver fails to pick up the call.

The notification may mean many things, as indicated below:

Meaning #1: The Person Is Unavailable

Facetime will still ring a few times if a person is unavailable before showing the “unavailable” sign.

Probably the other person is not logged into Facetime, indicating the “unavailable” notification to save you the time you would have spent calling the person.

Meaning #2: Weak Internet Connection

Another reason Facetime may be indicating “Unavailable” is probably because of a weak internet connection.

If the other person you are calling is not connected to a strong internet connection, Facetime will show you the notification.

Meaning #3: They Are in Another FaceTime Session

When a person is on another Facetime call, the application will not notify that to you.

The only message you will see is “unavailable.”

Therefore, your call may not go through if someone is on another call.

Meaning #4: Your Call Was Declined

If you call a person and they terminate your call, it will ring a few times and show the “unavailable” notification.

Probably a person is in a meeting and does not want to get distracted.

The best thing you can do is try calling another time.

Will I Know If I Am Blocked on FaceTime?

You may think you are blocked when you keep calling a person on Facetime for a long time without a response.

Unfortunately, Facetime does not show a different notification when you are blocked, making it difficult to tell if someone has blocked you.

But, if you used to talk with someone on Facetime and realize the call suddenly disconnects after calling a few times, you may be blocked.

Ensure other factors like internet connection are not causing the problem.


Facetime has enabled many Apple users to call their friends without any hassles.

When you are new on Facetime, you may be curious how many times it should ring to confirm your call is not being declined.

If you wish to discover more details regarding the number of times Facetime rings and their meaning, read the guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times is Facetime supposed to ring?

Facetime rings a different number of times depending on many factors. If someone declines your call, it will ring a few times and indicate the unavailable notification. Also, the app may ring a few times with a weak internet connection.

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