How To Cheat on Zoom Exams?

How To Cheat On Zoom Exams

Are there intelligent systems that monitor Zoom exams?

Do the systems strictly monitor every student as they take their exams?

If so, how can one cheat during Zoom exams, and how?

Quick Answer

It’s possible to cheat in any Zoom exam environment. Although the app’s settings make cheating hard during exams, it lacks intelligence systems that can detect cheating during an exam. Also, there are flaws and loopholes one can use to their advantage.

You can screenshot the exam page and send it to a friend or use the screen-sharing feature. Impersonation also works. You can also introduce external aiders during the exam. Don’t overlook “old school” cheating techniques. They work if the exam environment is on a lockdown browser setting. 

Virtual schools did not shut after physical schools resumed. Zoom exams are still a thing. Similarly, developers keep developing tools that discourage exam cheating.

As more proctoring tools come up, so do ingenious exam cheating techniques. 

You asked if it’s possible to trick examiners and cheat during Zoom exams. We’ve got a few solutions. Continue reading the article. We’ll detail all the exam cheating techniques that work on Zoom.  

Who Monitors Zoom Exams?

Zoom is gradually taking over physical classrooms and school settings. Schools and teachers prefer virtual classes because of their ease of use and accessibility.

Therefore, seeing students take their exams via Zoom is not surprising. So, who monitors Zoom exams?

There are no intelligence systems to help tutors detect anomalies during the exam session. Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows virtual interactions.

Developers did not design it to flag anomalies during live interactions. Therefore, the system has no way to mark suspicious movements during exams.

Unless the tutor or school takes extra measures and introduces monitoring tools like a LockDown browser to help monitor exam anomalies.

Tricks To Cheating on Zoom Exams

Cheating is possible. It doesn’t matter if the examiner takes extra measures and monitors the exams or asks examinees to access Zoom using a LockDown browser.

Anyone can cheat. Here are a few cheating hacks to excel in your Zoom exams. 

Trick #1: Identify Tricks 

In most cases, identity verification takes place before accessing the virtual exams. Once the exams commence, the automated identity verification stops.

Zoom has no automated features that can detect identity anomalies during the exam. Chances are your tutor will be doing all the monitoring. So, you can easily switch places with someone else during the exams. 

You can also give your login details to someone else. Do it after verifying your identity. But the trick will only work if your examiner does not take extra precautions by introducing a multi-factored authentication. 

But remember, your examiner may do random identify authentication during the exam. Some even go the extra mile and introduce AI-enabled facial recognition systems throughout the exam session.

You can alter your identification to bypass the AI systems or trick the instructional team. 

Trick #2: Screen-Sharing

Zoom lets you share your screen. Therefore, share the screen with the person assisting you.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Zoom and tap “Share Screen.”Go To Zoom And Tap Share Screen.
  2. Select the screen you wish to share. Select The Screen You Wish To Share.&Nbsp;
  3. Tap “Ok.”Tap Ok.

Your examiner may likely disable the screen-sharing feature. If so, use remote desktop control (RDC) tools like TeamViewer or AnyDesk

The TeamViewer or AnyDesk will let someone else do the exam for you without being in the same room as you.

How To Use RDC During Zoom Exams?

Ensure to get and install an RDC tool before the exam session. Request the person assisting you with the exams to install the RDC beforehand and connect your PC to the person’s PC.

You’ll have to connect your PC from their end so that they can control your screen. 


To use TeamViewer to cheat on a Zoom exam, follow these steps:

  1. Open the TeamViewer app on both PCs. Open The Teamviewer App On Both Pcs.&Nbsp;
  2. Get the ID and password on your PC.Get The Id And Password On Your Pc.
  3. Type the ID and select “Remote control” on the second PCType The Id
  4. Tap “Connect.”Tap Connect.
  5. Enter your password when prompted. 

Once connected, your partner will have control of your PC. They will sit in front of their PC and do the exam for you. Your job will be to sit in front of the webcam. Remember to act like a student who is taking an exam. 

Your screen might get red borders when sharing your screen via TeamViewer. Maybe your examiner won’t understand what it means.

Besides, instructors don’t often pay much attention to such details. They’re probably invigilating many examinees. 


To use AnyDesk for cheating on a Zoom exam, follow these steps:

  1. Open AnyDesk on your PC. Open Anydesk On Your Pc.&Nbsp;
  2. Share your “Personal ID” with the person assisting you and tap on Accept.Share Your Personal Id With The Person Assisting You.

Trick #3: Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is an effective option if you’re tech-savvy. The virtual machine will help create an environment that will operate as a second computer.

Therefore, running a dual-screen system is possible, making it hard for any monitoring system to notice cheating.

You can join a proctored Zoom exam on one screen and use the other undetected screen to search for your solutions online. 

The cheating will go unnoticed. Not unless the examiner uses AI-based monitoring to observe the examinees’ behavior during the exam session. 

Trick #4: Cast or Project Your Screen 

Do you have a projector or a Chromecast device? They can help you cheat during Zoom exams. The method will work If your examiner asks you to join the Zoom exam session via a LockDown browser. 

You’ll need to connect your projector or casting device beforehand.

The devices will help you mirror your Zoom exam on an external device, allowing your friends to help you search for and give you all the answers during the exam session.

Ensure to mute your mic. Luckily, most examiners always mute the Zoom exam sessions.  

But remember, AI-based monitoring systems can detect behavior anomalies and flag them as cheating attempts.

Trick #5: Use Undetectable Wearables

You can use wearable devices like smartwatches to store formulas and notes you use during Zoom exams. You can also hide other devices from the webcam and use them to seek solutions online.

You’ll need to put on a fearless stature when using these devices. It will forestall the invigilator from noticing your uneasiness. 

Trick #6: Get Out of the Webcam’s View

A bathroom break is a reasonable excuse to be away from the camera for a short time. You’ll get time to verify or search for answers. But this can only work if there is no “no leaving the exam room” policy.

You can also disrupt your internet connection to get a reason to be away from the webcam view. 

The short break will let you quickly check your notes or search online using a different device. 

Trick #7: Don’t Overlook the Old School Tricks

Your examiner might ask you to do a sweep right before the Zoom exams begin. You can write formulas on your palms or arms. 

You can request your friends or family to stick notes on a wall beside your examination space. Ensure the cheat sheets are at eye level to prevent the instructor or monitoring systems from detecting odd behaviors. 

Last Thoughts 

It’s not a far-fetched thought.

You can easily cheat during Zoom exams.

The tricks discussed above will help make the exam session a cakewalk.

You’ll need total cooperation from your friends and family.

They’ll help make the cheating hacks work.

Remember, the examiner or monitoring tools can flag any odd behavior during the examination period.

You’ll have to ensure your body language and eye movement don’t appear out of the norm.

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