Why Do YouTube Views Freeze at 301?

Why Do Youtube Views Freeze At 301

Have your YouTube views frozen at 301? Many users are confused regarding the 301 views freeze by YouTube. What causes this, and what does it imply?

If you want to understand why YouTube views freeze at 301, you are in the right place. This post focuses on that to dig in on why this is the case and help you understand it. Keep reading the post for more!

Quick Answer

Google owns YouTube and is very keen to ensure the authenticity of every YouTube video’s views. It understands that some creators may use bits to increase their views, giving a false impression. Thus, it places a limit of 300 views, such that any video that reaches this point its view will get frozen as Google checks the authenticity of each view. Thus, it will remain frozen with the 301 views until the check completes.

This post guides you on why YouTube views freeze at 301. We will understand what a YouTube view is and how YouTube calculates the views. That way, you will be at home and understand why YouTube videos freeze at 301.

What Is a YouTube View?

When you open YouTube, each video you view shows the total views it currently has unless the owner has set the views to private. YouTube relies on these views in its algorithms. So, understanding what a YouTube view is comes in handy.

A YouTube view is a viewer-initiated action on a YouTube video to play it. When you tap a YouTube video and play it for not less than a few seconds, that’s get counted as a YouTube view. When calculating how much a given video has made, the views matter. For instance, many marketers prefer paying for the impressions their videos get based on the views.

Why Do YouTube Views Freeze at 301?

When you upload a YouTube video, others slowly start interacting with it, especially after sharing the URL. The more a video gets views, the easier it becomes to start appearing in YouTube’s algorithm, which recommends videos to reach more people.

YouTube understands that not all creators wish to be authentic in their content creation. Some are after getting more views, including boosting ways, such as using bots. The bots will quickly view the video and contribute towards getting more views.

When a YouTube video is uploaded and quickly gains more views, YouTube will freeze it when it reaches 300 views. The aim is to check the authenticity of the views. The freeze is temporary, and after YouTube audits the views, it will allow the video to resume the view count. If any fake views are detected, they will get removed, and you will notice a decrease in the view count.

There are different cases of fake YouTube views. For instance, if a video has been set to autoplay on a website or if YouTube detects views from a specific IP address and are repeat views, it flags that as a case of a bot.


Some people fake YouTube views to make their videos go viral. To curb this, YouTube freezes videos at 301 views to allow it to audit the video.

Any fake views will get removed. If none are detected, the count will resume, and your YouTube video’s views won’t get affected.

This post has presented a firm explanation of why YouTube views freeze at 301.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have fake views on YouTube?

Yes, you can. When you have a YouTube channel, it’s possible to utilize bots to view your video and increase the number of views it will get. Moreover, you can pay people to repeatedly watch your views to make the video get more views and appear in the recommendations. However, this approach is undesirable, and you should only focus on getting authentic views.

Why does YouTube freeze views?

YouTube temporarily holds a video’s views when they reach 300. The aim is to check if the views are authentic while removing any fake views it might detect. That way, it guarantees safe competition for creators to focus o creating content that sells.

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