Why Do Guys Like to FaceTime at Night?

Why Do Guys Like To Facetime At Night

FaceTime allows you to bond with someone via live audio and video. Apple added this feature to their devices to ensure their users have more reasons to stick to their Apple devices. Facetime requires an internet connection to initiate the call.

When you FaceTime with a guy and notice he enjoys using FaceTime at night, you may wonder why he prefers FaceTime at night. We will help you understand why this is the case.

Quick Answer

First, if the guy is always busy during the day, FaceTime at night is the ideal time for him. It could be that he is more comfortable to FaceTime at night. Moreover, if he thinks you are busy during the day, he can prefer FaceTime at night to avoid distracting you. Other reasons include he wants you to be the last person he talks with before sleeping, he wants to catch up, he likes you, and he can better express his emotions at night, he wants a relationship with you, etc.

We will discuss various reasons why guys like to FaceTime at night. By the end of this guide, you will understand why your guy loves FaceTime at night.

7 Reasons Why Guys Like to FaceTime at Night

If you noticed your guy likes to FaceTime at night, it’s not accidental. Guys prefer to FaceTime at night due to the following reasons.

He Has a Busy Day Schedule

It’s normal for guys to be held up during the day due to work-related activities. If he has a lot to share, he can’t FaceTime you during the day due to the many distractions; instead, he will opt to FaceTime at night when he can create adequate time with you and share all details.

When a guy has much to talk to you about, he will choose the most convenient time for both of you. In most cases, the convenient time is during the night.

He Thinks You Are Busy

If the guy doesn’t know your daily routine, he could assume you are ever busy during the day. Thus, he could prefer to talk to you at night when he is sure you are available.

Avoiding talking to you during the day is his way of not distracting you as you work, and instead chooses FaceTime at night when you’ve ended your activities and are relaxed.

He Is Comfortable at Night

Although many won’t admit it, guys are more comfortable FaceTime at night. Talking at night is more romantic and allows for expressing feelings and emotions. Moreover, you will likely open your heart to him at night in a chilled and relaxed moment.

When you create a habit of talking to each other at night, you will quickly get used to it and stick to the routine. Eventually, you will do all your crazy and fun activities on FaceTime and be comfortable with it.

He Wants To Create a Relationship With You

Unlike girls, guys have small actions that cumulatively indicate they are serious about being in a relationship with you. So, if you notice a guy is determined to FaceTime with you at night, it’s because he is into you and hopes to create a relationship with you.

This small deed signals how he takes time to ensure he talks to you despite all his activities, and you should appreciate his time. Choosing to FaceTime with you shows he is willing to invest his time to make this relationship.

He Wants To Catch Up and Hear About Your Day

At night, everyone has had their day’s activities. He chooses to FaceTime at night to catch up with you and listen to you talk about the day.

The feeling is mutual as he would love to share how his day was, and what better time to achieve this than at night?

You Are the Last Person He Enjoys Talking to Before Sleep

Many people enjoy talking to their favorite person before they fall asleep. So, if a guy prefers to FaceTime you at night, you are his favorite person, and he wants to sleep thinking about you as the last person he talked with.

He Feels Safe Talking to You

Even guys have their insecurities. So, it could be that the guy feels safer talking to you than others. After having an exhausting day, he could talk to you as you make him feel safe and reassures him of his goals.

Everyone appreciates someone who makes him feel safe; in this case, you are that person.


when a guy likes FaceTime at night, he is mostly into you and wants to create a relationship with you. We’ve seen the seven main reasons guys like FaceTime at night. Hopefully, you understand what is happening.

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