How To Hide Groups in Telegram

How To Hide Groups In Telegram

Telegram is a secure and reliable messaging platform, and you can chat with individual friends or connect with people on a Telegram group or channel.

When you have multiple Telegram groups, it makes sense that you may want to hide groups in Telegram to avoid someone from accessing them.

It could be you want to give someone access to your phone, and you don’t want them to access your Telegram groups.

Quick Answer

Hiding groups in Telegram is achieved by using the “archive” feature. First, you must mute the group to avoid getting notifications, as that will automatically unarchive the group. Once you’ve muted the group, long-press on it, tap the three dots at the top right, and click the “Archive” option. The group will get archived but will appear pinned at the top of the chat. Swipe on the pinned chat and select the option for “hide.”

This guide covers the steps for hiding groups in Telegram. We will see the steps for muting a group, archiving it, and hiding the Archive group from the chat window. Also, we will see how to unarchive the group and display it on your chat window. Lastly, we will discuss various questions about hiding groups in Telegram.

Can You Hide Groups in Telegram?

Yes, you can.

Telegram offers a means of enhancing your privacy by letting users decide when and which groups they want to hide in Telegram. That way, keeping a clean chat list can safeguard your group conversations from a preying eye.

Regarding groups in Telegram, you can hide a specific chat or the entire group chat by archiving it.

Let’s see how to hide groups in Telegram.

Step-By-Step Guide for Hiding Groups in Telegram

Whether it’s your group you want to hide or a random group you are a member of, hiding the group is a straightforward task, and anyone can quickly achieve that. First, mute the group to avoid getting notifications once you’ve hidden it.

Follow the below steps to mute a Telegram group:

  1. Open Telegram on your phone.Open Telegram
  2. Locate the target group from the chat window. Locate The Target Group
  3. Long-press the group on the chat window. A menu will appear at the top. Click the speaker icon. Long-Press For Speaker Icon
  4. Tap the “disable” option to mute the group forever. Disable Option To Mute The Group

With the group muted, let’s proceed with the steps for archiving it.

Use the below steps:

  1. Still on the chat window, long-press on the group. Locate The Target Group
  2. Click the three lines on the right from the menu options at the top. Three Lines Menu Options
  3. Click the option for “Archive”. Option For Archive

You will notice the group will get archived and move to the “Archived chats” pinned at the top. Although this works in archiving the Telegram group, someone accessing your Telegram can view the message and its conversation from the pinned archived chats.

The solution is to hide the pinned chats from the chat window using the below steps:

  1. Locate the pinned chat at the top. Locate The Pinned Chat
  2. Tap on the cross mark to remove the pinned chats. Cross Mark To Remove The Pinned Chats

The Telegram group you wanted to hide is now achieved; someone can’t detect so unless they access your archived chats.

How To Unarchive Groups in Telegram

Hiding groups in Telegram is an excellent way to ensure someone doesn’t prey on your group conversations. Later, when you want to view the group conversations and new messages, you will need to unarchive the groups.

Follow the steps below to unarchive groups in Telegram:

  1. Open Telegram on your phone. Ensure you are using the updated Telegram app. Open Telegram
  2. Swipe down on your screen while on the chat window by pulling down the window using your fingers. Swipe Down On Your Screen
  3. The “Archived chats” will reappear at the top of the chat window. Archived Chats Will Reappear
  4. Click on it and locate the hidden group. Locate The Hidden Group
  5. Long-press on the group and tap the three dots at the top right. Long-Press For Three Dots Menu
  6. Click the option for “Unarchive”. Option For Unarchive

That’s it. Your Telegram group is unarchived and now available on the chat window.


To hide groups in Telegram, start by muting the group.

Next, long-press on the group and archive it.

Lastly, hide the archived chats to remove the group from the chat window.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hide groups in Telegram?

Yes, you can. That is possible by achieving the group and muting it.

What happens when an archived Telegram group receives a new message?

A new message will make the hidden Telegram group reappear in the chat window. Therefore, if you want the group to remain hidden, consider muting it after archiving it.

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