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Why Did My TikTok Stop Getting Views

Why Did My Tiktok Stop Getting Views

Are you wondering why your TikTok video stopped getting views? Have you tried but failed to discover the cause? A sudden decline in TikTok views could be frustrating, particularly if you have a history of attracting a huge number of views.

Quick Answer

There are several reasons why your TikTok videos stopped getting views. One of the reasons is that you are doing something that goes against Tiktok’s Community Guidelines, or you are just uploading too many videos without focusing on the quality.

In this article, we will show the main reasons why your TikTok videos stopped getting views and some tips on how you can fix this problem. 

Posting Inappropriate Content

When you publish inappropriate content, it’s one of the main reasons your TikTok stopped getting views. This might include videos that contain adult nudity or violent and graphic content. Posting this type of content can get you suspended, and as a result, TikTok’s Algorithm reduces your reach, and your TikToks would stop getting views.

Fix: Avoid Creating Sensitive Content

The only fix is that you should avoid creating such content. Moreover, you should also avoid making political videos or content that promotes religious hatred.

Uploading Boring Content

Uninteresting or boring content is another cause of a rapid reduction in views because no one wants to waste their time on social media watching boring videos. Suppose you start making content that doesn’t engage viewers. People won’t watch your videos, and eventually, TikTok will start de-ranking your video.

The TikTok algorithm is smart enough to know what kind of content people are watching and what type of content is not having any impression, so its algorithm always tries to show exciting content to the Users.

Fix: Create Engaging Content 

You can solve this issue by:

  • Creating engaging videos that excite viewers.
  • Making meaningful content.
  • By checking users’ comments to get their feedback on the video.
Quick Fact

The more engagement and views a TikTok video gets, the more likely it will be served to larger audiences.

Uploading Too Many Videos at the Same Time

One of the most widespread myths amongst TikTok users is that uploading more videos can increase their popularity and audience, which is totally wrong. When you make too many videos without preserving a particular amount of time amongst them, It is almost impossible to become viral due to the user’s excessive activity.

Suppose you post an excessive amount of videos every day on Tiktok. You run the risk of various individuals interacting with separate videos, which would lead your TikTok to stop getting views.

Fix: Go Slow With Uploading 

If you don’t want to lose your audience, you should go slow with your videos, and It’s a good idea to start with simply one video per day. However, you can post one to three videos per day.

Your Niche Is Too Competitive

Your video views will begin to fall if your niche has a lot of competition. If your niche has a lot of content creators, you will probably lose a lot of views. When there is tough competition in your niche, the audience gets divided, resulting in low video views. 

Fix: Change Your Niche

If you are facing too much competition in your niche, you can either 

  • Change to a less competitive niche so you can get more views.
  • Create unique videos, so the audience chooses your content over competitors’.

Posting Duplicated Content

If you want to grow audiences for your TikTok accounts by posting viral content copied from Youtube or Instagram, you would probably get zero views.

TikTok has an advanced algorithm that detects when a duplicate video is posted on the internet, and the platform will limit your views and activity. Tiktok will flag your videos as spam if you try to post duplicated content.

Fix: Create Unique Content

The only way you can deal with this issue is to create new and unique content. This would help grow your channel and build your audience. 

Using Irrelevant Hashtags 

Hashtags are an important aspect of TikTok’s marketing and advertising strategies. If you apply irrelevant hashtags, they will not just be useless for your account, but you will also stop getting views. Moreover, if you use Irrelevant Hashtags, Tiktok wouldn’t bring your video to For You Page as the Hashtags are different from the Content Posted. 

Fix: Use Matching Hashtags Related to Your Content

You should always use relevant hashtags that match your content. You can find relevant hashtags for your videos using Tiktok Hashtags tools.

Your TikTok Account Is ShadowBanned

One reason your videos stop getting views is that your account might be shadowbanned. The term “shadowbanned” means the users wouldn’t even know that their account has been banned.

Shadowban blocks your content from appearing on the “For You” tab or the hashtag results page. This Ban limits the reach of your content, meaning that people wouldn’t be able to search for your videos as the TikTok algorithm wouldn’t show it. 

The shadowban lasts for about two weeks, and during this period, your views would decline drastically.

Fix: Contact TikTok

Some ways through which you can fix this issue are:

  • Contact Tiktok customer support.
  • Remove the videos that violate the Tiktok guidelines.
  • Do not create more videos until the can is lifted.


This article explained many of your issues about why your TikTok videos stopped getting views. Moreover, you should follow our fixes to help you resolve your issues. Remember to check Tiktok’s TOS to avoid getting in trouble.


Is it bad to post too many videos on TikTok?

No, not necessarily. It is recommended to create a posting schedule and post on the same days around the same time every week. If you upload too many videos, you will lose audience engagement.

How to get more views on TikTok?

You can get more views on Tiktok by using relevant hashtags, making quality videos, and promoting your videos on other social media platforms.

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