Why Can’t I See Twitch Emotes?

Why Can't I See Twitch Emotes

It can get confusing when using Twitch, and you can’t see the emotes. It could be you wanted to use the emotes to spice your chat, and suddenly there are no emotes available, yet you have all the required extensions and have earned emotes.

You can’t escape encountering Twitch emotes; when you can’t trace where your emotes are, don’t panic. We understand the problem and will help you solve it.

Quick Answer

Emotes not showing on Twitch mainly arise due to a minor glitch. You can fix this by refreshing the page or using a different browser. Other users have fixed the problem by clearing the browser’s cache. Moreover, if you have the wrong emotes plugins, Twitch may fail to operate normally until you fix this problem. Also, emotes won’t be available if you are no longer subscribed to the channel, or the streamer could have removed the channel emotes.

This post focuses on emotes. We will define what emotes are in the different categories of Twitch emotes. Further, we will cover why you can’t see your Twitch emotes. Let’s begin!

What Are Twitch Emotes?

Everyone enjoys using Twitch for their streaming needs. Twitch has numerous features that you can utilize to enjoy a worthwhile streaming experience. You can access the Twitch chat and interact with other streamers when in a Twitch stream.

In a Twitch chat, you can utilize emotes to show your reaction. Emotes are a unique way of expressing your emotions or reactions in a Twitch chat, and there are different categories of Twitch emotes.

Global Emotes

They are the emotes available on a Twitch account and can be accessed and used by anyone anywhere on their Twitch account. These global emotes are similar on every Twitch account.

Sub Emotes

Twitch streamers also create their own emotes. Such emotes are only accessible to subscribers of such Twitch channels and come in different tiers. You can’t access its sub-emotes unless you subscribe to a given channel.

Bit Emotes

Twitch allows viewers to use bits to cheer a streamer. When you purchase bits, you unlock the bit emotes.

The best part about them is that you don’t incur any monthly costs. Once you purchase bits, you will enjoy the bit emotes permanently.

Third-Party Emotes

When you have third-party emotes extensions, you can utilize these emotes. You only access them with emotes plugins, such as BTTV and FFZ.

Why Can’t I See Twitch Emotes?

You should see emotes on Twitch, especially global ones, as they are accessible to any Twitch account. However, if you open your Twitch account and can’t see any emotes, something is wrong.

We will give various reasons why you can’t see the emotes while giving a way to fix them.

Browser Problems

When the browser has an error, it can hinder Twitch from working as expected. These browser problems occur due to cache files and other minor glitches.

You can fix this by refreshing the browser. Press the Ctrl + F5 keyboard keys. Still, you can open the browser and clear the cache and cookies.

Restart the browser afterward and open your Twitch account. You should see the emotes again.

You Are Not a Sub

The sub emotes will only be visible if you are a subscriber. You won’t see the sub emotes without renewing your subscription.

So, check which emotes are not visible in your case. If it’s the sub emotes, it signals you are no longer a subscriber to the particular channel and can’t see or use the sub emotes.

The Streamer Removed the Emotes

Streamers can add and remove sub-emotes at will. So, if you are in a channel and can’t see the previously accessible sub-emotes, the streamer might have removed them.

If you are still subscribed to the channel and can’t see these emotes, the streamer removed them.


Twitch emotes not appearing could be due to various causes. We’ve explained the common causes of why you can’t see your Twitch emotes and mentioned the fix for the problem. Hopefully, you fix your case thanks to this guide.

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