Why Did Speed Get Banned on YouTube?

Why Did Speed Get Banned On Youtube

Darren, a.k.a IShowSpeed, is a popular streamer on YouTube whose streams include him playing video games like FIFA, Fortnight, Roblox, and Minecraft.

Being named the “Breakout Streamer of the Year “in 2022, this 18-year-old has amassed a massive subscriber base of over 20 million on YouTube and has over 1.7 billion views.

Despite all the success and popularity, this content creator has landed himself into trouble various times on YouTube, for which he received strikes and was even banned for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Do you want to know why IShowSpeed got banned on YouTube?

Quick Answer

At the beginning of 2023, YouTube banned IShowSpeed 0 for streaming “The Best FIFA Football Awards” simultaneously streamed on FIFA’s YouTube channel.

The content was copyrighted, for which he received a warning, but he ignored it and continued streaming. It resulted in a week-long ban.

Similarly, he also received strikes for cyberbullying, threats, and harassment. Besides, he violated YouTube’s policies for sexual and explicit content by streaming Minecraft adult mod content live.

With great power comes greater responsibility. Sometimes, big content creators forget to take it seriously and get into trouble. Let’s look at all the events that put IShowSpeed into trouble on YouTube.

All the Cases of IShowSpeed Getting Himself in Trouble With YouTube

IShowSpeed is known for its unique content, outrageous commentaries, and inability to abide by the Community Guidelines and Terms of Services of YouTube and Twitch, where he is most active.

He occasionally lands into trouble for which he gets strikes, is shadow-banned, and is banned from YouTube.

Let’s look at some instances where he was rightfully and sometimes wrongfully punished by YouTube.

Getting Banned for Streaming FIFA Copyrighted Content

IShowSpeed was banned from YouTube for streaming copyrighted content, simultaneously streamed by FIFA on their channel.

In February 2023, he streamed “The Best FIFA Football Awards,” for which he received a copyright strike from YouTube before the ban.

Unfortunately, he ignored the warning, as he thought it was for the gameplay highlights and not the entire stream. So, he continued the live stream of the awards until it was too late.

As a result, YouTube banned him under spam and deceptive practices and scam policy. This ban prevented him from posting or streaming anything on his main YouTube channel.

He apologized to his viewers, explaining how he mistook the warnings and it was a misunderstanding.

This ban sparked outrage in the community, where people took Darren’s side, declaring YouTube exploitative, monopolizing, and damaging creators’ careers.

Some even claimed it felt like creators were peasants of YouTube.

Did You Know?

YouTube takes copyright matters very seriously. YouTube gives three copyright strikes. The first one acts as a warning. If a creator gets 3 copyright strikes, it can result in the termination of his account and all associated channels.

Other Violations — Strikes

IShowSpeed received a strike from YouTube for violating its Community Guidelines on sexual and explicit content.

On his live Minecraft stream, he performed a graphical act on a character by playing Minecraft adult mod. This strike prohibited him from uploading anything on his channel for a week.

Another strike he received was for cyberbullying a 15-year-old. This violated YouTube’s policies on harassment, threat, and cyberbullying.

Additionally, he got shadowbanned for reacting to a real football match involving blood. It resulted in a strike as it went against YouTube’s policies.

Did You Know?

Recently, on a live stream, IShowSpeed was seen flashing accidentally to his audience. This wardrobe malfunction seemed unintentional, so he received no strike from YouTube.

Round Up

When doing anything live, many things can go wrong as not many variables are under control.

Sometimes, creators get their emotions better of them and make mistakes, while others are unintentional.

The mistake that banned IShowSpeed for a week was purely unintentional.

He ignored warnings given by YouTube.

He live-streamed FIFA Awards 2022, which were also streamed by FIFA at the same moment and was copyrighted material.

As a result, YouTube banned him for a week, which caused an uproar in the community.

Other instances of him getting strikes involved violating YouTube Community Guidelines policies on sexual and explicit content, harassment, and cyberbullying.

We hope IShowSpeed learns from his mistakes and creates more responsible content next time.

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