How Long Would It Take To Watch Every YouTube Video?

How Long Would It Take To Watch Every Youtube Video

YouTube is the world’s biggest video-sharing platform that has videos on everything. If you want to learn the recipes of some cuisine, makeup tutorials, reviews of smartphones, etc. – YouTube has it all.

Similarly, you can find videos on music, reviews, podcasts, paranormal, educational, political, and millions of other topics.

The platform is available in every part of the world except a few countries where it is banned. Moreover, YouTube is also the most visited site globally and has 2.1 billion monthly active users.

There are millions of videos on YouTube; if you dare yourself and want to watch them all and now wonder how long it will take, we have answers for you. So, how long would it take to watch every YouTube video?

Quick Answer

There are over 800 million videos on YouTube, and every hour, there are 30,000 hours of videos being uploaded. Each video, on average, is 11.7 minutes long. So, watching all YouTube videos can take 9.36 billion minutes or 17,800 years.

If someone has bet you to watch all YouTube videos, then know you probably will lose the battle (and even sanity) as YouTube has so much content. But still, if you want to pursue it, keep reading this article to learn how long it can take.

Some YouTube Stats

Before we dive in and explain how long it can take you to consume all the content on YouTube, you should be aware of the important stats related to YouTube for educational purposes and to help you make up your mind.

YouTube is the second most visited site in the world after Google. The platform has over 2.1 billion monthly active users; on average, a visitor spends 19 minutes daily on YouTube.

The good thing is YouTube has content in over 80 languages, so you can most likely find content in your language here. It is available worldwide except in a few countries where it is banned.

Now, let’s discuss some factors that can shape your decision to consume everything created and uploaded on YouTube.

Fun Fact

YouTube is banned in China, Eritrea, North Korea, Iran, and Turkmenistan.

Factor #1: Total YouTube Videos

However, it is hard to determine the exact number of videos YouTube contains as every minute, over 500 or 30,000 hours of videos per hour are uploaded.

As per recent reports, there are over 800 million videos on YouTube, and since so much content is always uploaded, this number is increasing.

Factor #2: Average Video Length

The average video length varies from creator to creator. Some post longer videos to even an hour or more, and some keep it short, like 5 to 10 minutes. Generally, the gaming community has the longest videos.

As per Statista, the average video length on YouTube is 11.7 minutes.

So, we have more than 800 million YouTube videos to watch, and each is an average of 11.7 minutes long. This is what you need to consume to be able to claim that you have seen it all on YouTube.

How Long Will It Take To Watch All the Content on YouTube?

We have 800 million YouTube videos (which is not an exact figure as every minute, so much more is uploaded). But, to give you a ballpark estimate, these 800 million videos of an average length of 11.7 minutes can take you 9.36 billion minutes or 17,800 years to watch. So, seeing all the YouTube videos will take an eternity.

You can leave this feat as your legacy for the next generations to finish on your behalf. Even if you try to watch the number of videos uploaded on YouTube in an hour, which is 30,000 hours of videos, it can take you 82 years to finish watching just an hour’s worth of content on YouTube.

Bottom Line

It can take you more than 17,000 years to watch every video on YouTube as the number of videos on YouTube is ever-increasing. So, do not try this feat, as it is an impossible pursuit. It is not even good for your mental and physical health.

Enjoy the content that you find intriguing on YouTube. Limit your and your children’s screen time for a healthy lifestyle.

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