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Why Can’t I See Someones Snapchat Score?

Why Can't I See Someones Snapchat Score

If you use Snapchat and do not know that the random number next to your username is your Snapchat score, then I am afraid to tell you that you have been living under a rock.

Snapchat score is essentially Snapchat’s way of rewarding you for all the activities you perform on the platform.

Like a teacher scoring your exams, Snapchat scores how active you are on its platform.

Being more active leads to a better score.

But why don’t you sometimes see someone’s Snapchat score?

Quick Answer

Generally, you can see all of your friends’ Snapchat scores. But, if you cannot see someone’s Snapchat score, there is a reason behind it. To access each other’s Snapchat score, you and your friend must add each other. So if you cannot see the score, it means they have never followed you, and if you are sure they did, then it must mean they have deleted you. 

This article will cover the Snapchat score, what it is, how to see it, and why can’t you see someone’s Snapchat score. Let’s get on with it now!

What is Snapchat Score?

Snapchat score is a running tally of all your activities on the Snapchat App. Snapchat uses a combination of equations to calculate your Snap score.

Factors like Snaps sent and receivedStories posted and sentusers added, and others compute the Snapchat score.

Besides, you also get a bonus for sending multiple Snaps to several people and maintaining your Snapchat Streaks.

Snapchat score helps you compare your profile with your friends and Add Trophies.

Snapchat scores are the ways Snapchat rewards its most loyal users. For some, they are meaningless points but proved to be quite effective in enhancing users’ participation in the App.

Some users argue that these points are essential as they show how much a person is socially active. Besides, a good Snapchat score reflects that Snapchat is the most preferred mode of communication for a user.

However meaningless it may seem, it is an achievement for some, similar to Likes on Facebook and Instagram. When you give things numbers, it means you enable people to compare.

Imagine you have a low score while your ex’s score rises sky-high, indicating they have a better social life than yours.

Assigning numbers to interactions and the likeability of someone is troubling for mental health. According to various research, social comparisons can lead to anxiety and depression.

So, Snapchat scores are as harmful as one’s mind perceives them. They reflect your social footprints on the Snapchat App and help you understand how much others are active on Snapchat.

It can be fun and purely cosmetic. While for some, it can get an overwhelming experience.

How To See Snapchat Score

Below are the steps to see your and others’ Snapchat score.

Checking Your Snapchat Score

By the following method, you can check your Snapchat Score:

  1. Open the Snapchat App. Snapchat App Mobile Android
  2. Tap on your Bitmoji in the top left corner.Bitmoji Icon In The Top
  3. The number below your name and avatar in your Snapchat score. Snapchat Scores Below You Name And Avatar

Checking Your Friend’s Snapchat Score

To see your Friend’s Snapchat score:

  1. Open Snapchat. Snapchat App Mobile Android
  2. Tap on your Bitmoji in the top left corner. Bitmoji Icon In The Top
  3. Tap on “My Friends.”Click On My Friends.
  4. Hit the Bitmoji of the Friend you want to see the score. Hit The Profile Icon Of The Friend
  5. Below their name and avatar, the Snapchat score appears. Below Name And Avatar, The Snapchat Score Appears.

Why Can’t You See Someone’s Snapchat Score?

The simple answer to this question is that they are not your friend on Snapchat.

If you see their profile and have added them but cannot find their Snapchat score, they have either never added you or probably deleted you from their Friends list.

If, for example, you remember seeing their scores the last time you checked them, but now at this very moment, you cannot find their score, it indicates they have unfriended you.

Well, there are various reasons one can find you irritating enough to unfriend you. It’s better to talk to them if they matter and work on your relationships. If they do not matter, then unfriend or ignore them.

If you have an ex and want revenge, burn them by unfriending them.

You can block them altogether if they have hurt you. What are social media even for them to take your grudges? I would say ignore them entirely, as it is invigorating.

Now, if you recall not having seen someone’s Snapchat score, even when you added them, they never added you back. Plus, you cannot see celebrities’ Snapchat scores as well.

Besides unfriending, if someone blocks you or deletes their account, you will not be able to see their Snapchat scores, and their profile will not be visible.

So, all in all, you have to have a mutual friendship where you follow a person, and they follow you back to see someone’s Snapchat score.

How To Check if Someone Has Unfriended You on Snapchat

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat App. Snapchat App Mobile Android
  2. Tap on the screen and tap the search icon (magnifying glass).Look For Search Bar Snapchat
  3. Write the person’s name or username you want to find out in the search bar. Write The Person's Name Or Username

If they are not your friends, their names will appear under Add Friends label.

You can also search their names on your Friend’s list. If nothing comes, they either have deleted you or never followed you back in the first place.

Similarly, send them Snaps. If the Snap gets a grey arrow/Pending Status (if not a public profile), it indicates they either have deleted or never followed you.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you want to see someone’s Snapchat score, you must add them, and they must add you to their Friends List.

If someone has unfriended you, never added you, or blocked you and deleted their accounts – you cannot see their Snapchat scores.


Can you hide your Snapchat score from friends?

The only way you can hide your Snapchat score from someone is by deleting them from your Snapchat. Besides this option, there is no other way around it.

Are my Snapchat scores publicly displayed?

No, they are not. Only your friends who have added you and you have added them back can see your Snapchat scores.

Who has the highest Snapchat score?

In 2021, dion-19 had the highest Snapchat score of more than 61 million.

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