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Why Are Some Facebook Posts Big?

Why Are Some Facebook Posts Big

Facebook is the ground for daily updates and statuses. Even a single thing that seems significant has to go on our profiles. Right?

Sometimes, when we put up really short statuses, like in a few words, that appear too large on our timeline and feed. While it’s inconsequential, it won’t be enjoyable for some.

And there’s no reason why you should feel the pressure to put up with it. So if you’re wondering why some Facebook posts are big and some are the standard size, here’s why.

Quick Answer

The reason your Facebook status appears too big, like you’re shouting the roof off, is the number of characters you typed. Facebook has developed a feature that automatically increases the font size if it’s less than 80 characters. So, if you’ve written something very short and don’t want it to appear prominent, you can try attaching a picture with the post.

You can learn much about this issue, where some Facebook posts appear prominent. This article will discuss various aspects related to Facebook status font size. Stick around to find out.

The Reason Some Facebook Posts Are Big

Have you felt that some of your posts appear bigger than the rest? They can be harmless but also temper with the whole alignment of your timeline, where you’ve posted things in a particular font size.

And suddenly, you have something on your timeline that looks different, and you can’t settle your feelings about this odd one.

You’ve got nothing to worry about regarding the appearance of some of your posts.

In its not-so-recent updates, Facebook rolled out a feature to auto-detect short texts that are stand-alone posts on the feed and make them look bigger.

Currently, when there is absolutely no shortage of content or technical limits, there’s an overflow of posts on Facebook. With about 3 billion active users on Facebook, there’s always something you’re scrolling through.

Longer posts in paragraphs and with multimedia grab a lot of attention.

That’s why, to enable shorter posts to stand out among the ones always hogging the limelight, Facebook made it so that posts without multimedia and under eighty characters appear bigger in a font.

This will not only enable the fonts to stand out among the rest but also make it quick and easy for people to read while scrolling through.

How To Get a Bigger Font for Your Facebook Status?

Getting a bigger font for your Facebook posts is a no-brainer, and you’re likely very aware of how the posting works in order to be wondering this.

Well, regardless of the case, we will walk you through the process of posting a big Facebook status:

  1. Open Facebook on any device.
  2. Click on the “What’s on your mind?” box.
  3. Type in a status shorter than 80 characters. Do not add any multimedia.
  4. Click the “Post” button.

Now that you’ve shared a post on your timeline with the instructed character limit, you will see that the particular post appears larger in font than the rest.

If it’s a regular post, but you have to see it in large anyway, you can try pinching out on your screen to zoom in.

Zooming in on your screen will make the content on your screen look bigger. To return to the standard size, you can try zooming out.

How To Get Rid of Big Fonts From Your Facebook Status?

To get rid of the big fonts from Facebook status, you must ensure that your post is longer.

In case you have to post a status update with just a few words, you can attach any media, a picture, or a video, along with the post.

This will ensure that the post appears in regular font size.

What if Your Short Post Doesn’t Appear Big?

There is no official statement from Facebook on how to make your post font appear bigger, but there is a trick that has been working all along for users.

To make your post font appear bigger, you must keep the status short. Typically, this trick works fine with statuses with less than 80 characters. To test this trick, write a short status and post it. If your status does not appear in a bigger font, you can go to edit a post and reduce the number of characters further.


There’s a well-perceived notion about Facebook that things are always interesting there, whether in terms of social interaction, news/posts shared, or features updated by the app.

And that’s true for those who know their way around the app. I hope this article helped you better understand why some Facebook posts appear big.

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