Who Is the King of YouTube?

Who Is The King Of Youtube

Every platform has a king, and when talking about YouTube, you can get curious to know who is the current king and what makes them a king.

People often debate who is the king of YouTube, and if you are unsure who is the current king, you will have your answer by the end of this post. Read on to learn more about who is the king of YouTube.

Quick Answer

Concluding who the king of YouTube is depends on different factors. For instance, if it’s based on the total views a channel has received, MrBeast is the king of YouTube. However, if it’s based on engagement and the ease of getting views with a simple budget and considering how long a channel has ranked as the most viewed, PewDiePie is the king of YouTube.

What makes one the king of YouTube? We will start by discussing the question and then dive into the two greatest rivals to conclude who is the king of YouTube. Ready? Let’s dig in!

What Makes One the King of YouTube?

A king is a superior rank; owning that title means you are the best in the field or the most ranked and respected. Regarding YouTube, a king is regarded as the most decorated content creator.

The decoration is based on the person’s total views and how well they gain views and subscribers. Getting views on YouTube is not the easiest task. So, if someone can gain a billion views, they automatically add respect to their name.

What about someone who has the most views on YouTube? Such a person is regarded as a king. Again, suppose the person creates short, interesting videos that quickly gain millions of views. In that case, they have mastered making likable videos, earning them the “king of YouTube” title.

Who Is the King of YouTube?

Recently, a debate on the king of YouTube has sparked on different platforms, especially on X (formerly Twitter). While everyone is giving their views on the topic, two key names that center the debate are PewDiePie and MrBeast.

Both personalities are YouTube content creators with over 100 million subscribers and over 20 billion views. Who among them is the king of YouTube? PewDiePie is a video game commentator and has enjoyed the fame of being the most subscribed YouTuber since 2013 until MrBeast overtook him.

MrBeast is a high-budget YouTuber, and his videos range in different niches. He goes heavy on creating high-budget videos that gain hundreds of millions of views. As of August 2023, MrBeast has 186M subscribers, while PewDiePie has 111M subscribers.

Based on the number of subscribers, we conclude that MrBeast is the king of YouTube for this round. Next, let’s compare who has uploaded the most videos. Still, as of August 2023, MrBeast has 749 videos, while PewDiePie has 4.7k videos. For this round, PewDiePie takes the lead as the king of YouTube.

In the third round, let’s compare the total views gained by the content creators. As of August 2023, MrBeast has 31,606,658,769 views, while PewDiePie has 29,112,411,259 views. For this round, MrBeast takes the lead and is the king.

What’s the conclusion? MrBeast has fewer videos on his channel because he takes time to upload them due to the high budget and length of the videos. As for PewDiePie, his videos are short, and he has taken a break to focus on his family.

However, considering that MrBeast has few uploaded videos yet has managed to gain the most subscribers and exceeded PewDiePie in the total views gained, we confidently conclude that MrBeast is the king of YouTube.


The debate on who is the king of YouTube considers different factors. We’ve discussed the total views the two leading YouTubers gained, their total subscribers, and the number of uploaded videos.

Based on the numbers, we conclude that MrBeast is the king of YouTube after he overtook PewDiePie, who held the title for nearly a decade.

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