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Who Can See a Private Event on Facebook?

Who Can See A Private Event On Facebook

There are multiple benefits of using Facebook events. These are virtual event calendars created by hosts or organizers of the occasion. You can set the privacy of these events to specify who can see your post.

You can mark these events as something you are interested in or an event you will be attending. But if it’s a private event, then who can see it on Facebook?

Quick Answer

If an event is listed as a private event, the only people who can view the event details are:

1. People on the invite list

2. Organizer of the event 

3. People invited by someone on the invite list

Other users will not be able to see the private event, any details, or pictures.

This article will describe in detail who can see a private event on Facebook. It also discusses setting up a private event on Facebook and other privacy options.

Who Can Access a Private Event on Facebook?

Once you have made the event settings ‘Private’ or are curious about a specific private event, you have come to the right place for answers. 

Here’s a list of people who get to see a private event on Facebook:

  • People on the invite list
  • Organizers and hosts of the event
  • People with invites from those who are already on the event invite list

However, if you are a host or an organizer of an event and want to know how to make a private event, you can use the following steps. Let’s take a deeper look.

How To Set up a Private Event on Facebook?

When you create an event, only the host has the authority to edit the privacy and visibility of the post. 

Depending on the nature of the event, the host can curate the most suitable guest list. There are four privacy settings that the host can choose from. Let’s look at the details of setting up a private event first:

  1. Launch Facebook and click on the three lines at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Tap on the ‘Events.’
  3. Tap the ‘+‘ button at the top.
  4. Select between creating an ‘Online‘ or ‘In person’ event. 
  5. Set the event name and tap on ‘Choose privacy.’
  6. Select ‘Private.’
  7. Proceed with other settings and tap ‘Create Event.’

While it can be helpful to know who can see a private event on Facebook, it can also come in handy to learn the different event privacy settings. 

What Are the Different Privacy Settings for Events on Facebook?

The event host can select between different privacy settings for their events according to the themes and audience of the occasion. The members of the groups do not have this authority. 

Let’s look into the four privacy settings for these Facebook events.

Private Events

Events will only be visible to those who are added to the invite list by the host. Invited people will and can have access to all information, pictures, and videos regarding the event.

You can also permit invited individuals to further invite their friends and family. 

Public Events

Events will be visible to all people on Facebook. People who have not even signed in to their account will be able to see the event and its details.

Information, pictures, and videos will be accessible to the public.

Friends Events

Events will only be visible to your friend list. Your mutuals would not have access to the pictures, videos, or information unless they send you a friend request and you accept it. 

Group Events

The event’s visibility will depend on the group’s privacy settings. If it is a public group, the event will be visible to anyone on or off Facebook. The public could also access any information, discussions, photos, or videos. 

If it is a private group, the event will only be visible to individuals added to the group. Only they will have access to the event discussions, photos, videos, and posts.


Once you have created an event, changing the privacy or visibility settings is impossible. Thus it would be best to ensure which audience you want to cater to before the event is posted.


Facebook events are a significant and convenient addition to our Facebook browsing experience. With everything being so public and social on Facebook, private events are great to stay in touch with our close-knit groups.

Only the people on the invite list and organizers can see the event! 


Can I change the event privacy settings after the event has been created?

Unfortunately, you can’t! Once you have created an event, you can’t change the privacy setting. It would be best to ensure which setting you would like initially. You must create a new event from scratch to change the privacy setting.

How can I invite more friends to a private event?

Click on the three lines at the bottom right of your phone screen and click on ‘Events.’ Then tap the calendar icon and open your event. Tap ‘Invite‘ and select the friends you want to add to the event. Hit the send button.

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