Where Is the “Modules” Tab in Discord?

Where Is The Modules Tab In Discord

Have you ever wondered why Discord has so many users?

The application is embracing the power of automation, and it is putting all measures to ensure its users can enjoy almost services from the application.

The introduction of Discord modules made it easy for users to send messages with a bot from Discord without a person’s involvement. Moreover, they allow you to create, update or delete channels and many more services.

Quick Answer

Discord modules must be installed from the AppMaster marketplace. Sometimes you may find a few modules installed automatically, located in the installed tab in AppMaster. AppMaster is third-party software, making it easy for users to access the Discord modules. Once you have the AppMaster, select the icon below the home icon to open the modules tab.

Discord has acknowledged the importance of modules in making Discord bots work better on servers. The guide has explained where you can find the modules tab in Discord and addressed frequent questions by users regarding modules.

Where is The “Modules” Tab in Discord?

You may never find the modules tab in Discord when you don’t know where it is. The Discord modules are essential for server owners who want to exploit bots’ capability in creating, listing, updating, or deleting servers, among other things.

AppMaster is a simple software that has made it easy for Discord users to install and configure modules. Once you install AppMaster, you can click on the modules icon below the home icon and access all categories of modules.

Discord modules will be installed in the Installed tab from the “Modules” section.

An example of modules automatically installed when using AppMaster is “Auth” and “Universal Map”.

Once you install a given module, AppMaster imports the required files and does configurations for you, enabling you to achieve the functionality you require with a few configurations.

How Do Discord Modules Work?

When you install a Discord module using AppMaster, you will see a module preview that provides more information about the module, like the version, and a link to a page with descriptions.

If you see a warning in the corner, the module is not configured correctly, and you check the preview for required actions.

All other modules you can install on Discord are in the “Marketplace” tab.

When installing a new module, you can sort the modules by category or search for a module by its name.

Once you find a module you wish to install, you can click the “Install” button and confirm your action.

How To Send Messages with Discord Modules

You can send messages on Discord using a bot once you install Discord modules from AppMaster, set up a process for sending messages, and create a form to send your message from your Discord server.

  1. Install a Discord module for sending messages by navigating the AppMaster marketplace and tapping “Install”.
  2. Open Discord, and in “Settings”, specify the bot.
  3. Create a business process for sending a message by opening the business logic section.
  4. Create the message in the first block, enter your Discord channel ID, and then save.
  5. Create a POST form, then send your message.

You can set it to send simultaneous messages.


Discord Modules are great when you want your server to get to another level without involving you.

You can have modules that can create servers for you.

The guide has explained how you can easily use AppMaster to install Discord modules and access installed modules.

Moreover, as explained in the post, you can use the application to easily achieve various functions like sending messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Discord modules important?

Discord modules are important when you want to automate things and use bots to achieve things easily. You can use modules to channel messages and update or delete channels from your Discord account. Modules are connected with a bot token, enabling bots to perform the mentioned tasks.

How do I use Discord modules to automate message sending?

You can install a Discord module to send messages using a bot. To send the message, you must have a Discord module to connect it with a bot token and specify the channel id where the message will be sent. Once you set up a custom message process, your message will be scheduled.

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