What Is the Difference Between Telegram and Telegram X?

What Is The Difference Between Telegram And Telegram X

Telegram is a popular messaging app loved by users for being secure for communication. Millions of users on Telegram communicate via direct messages or through groups and channels.

Telegram has another version, Telegram X, that offers more features. Knowing which of the two you should choose can be difficult, especially if you don’t know which features each offers.

Quick Answer

Telegram X acts as the regular Telegram but has extra features. Its interface is different. Moreover, it separates the chat and the call tabs, similar to WhatsApp. Furthermore, it has bubble mode, and you can enable dark mode, which is not available on the regular Telegram app. Still, Telegram X allows users to utilize the saved messages feature to save media documents, posts, etc.

This guide digs deep into understanding what Telegram X is when Telegram acquired it, the difference it has compared to Telegram, and discusses which of the two is better to use. Lastly, we will cover frequently asked questions about Telegram X.

What Is Telegram X?

Telegram X came from Challegram, a rival messaging application that Telegram bought, added new features, and rebranded to Telegram X.

Telegram X was officially launched in 2017 under Telegram Messenger LLP. Telegram launched this new Telegram version app as an alternative to the regular Telegram app in terms of sticker animations, high speed, etc.

This new version works the same as the regular Telegram, only that it has additional functionalities, but the other features, such as end-to-end encryption, are the same. We will understand the details in depth in the next section.

Telegram X is available on App Store and Play Store, and users can download, install, and use it for their messaging activities.

What Is the Difference Between Telegram and Telegram X?

Difference Between Telegram And Telegram X

Telegram X offers a few distinct features that the other Telegram doesn’t provide. Below are the main features that stand out with Telegram X.

Saved Messages

Telegram X comes with the Saved Messages feature. Users can save their favorite posts, media, and documents through it. Any saved post can be accessed from the Saved Messages tab, and users can quickly find it. Before accessing your saved messages, you must execute a few steps on the regular Telegram app.

User Interface

When you open the Telegram X app, you will note the user interface is different from the regular Telegram app. With Telegram X, the calls and conversations appear as separate tabs, similar to how they appear on WhatsApp. Everything appears on the same interface for the Telegram app, and you must click the hamburger icon at the top to access the calls tab.

Bubble Mode

Telegram X has the bubbles mode, which adds more spacing within your chats, allowing you better to place your text and media in the messages. You can disable this feature if you want to access your posts in a straight line, as with the regular Telegram app.

Night Mode

Telegram X has a dedicated Night Mode tab, unlike the regular Telegram app. You can locate it on the left side of the menu. For the Telegram app, you can only access the dark mode under the theme settings. Ideally, Telegram X utilizes light sensor technology to activate the night mode.

Additional Swiping Gestures

Telegram X offers new swiping features to your chats. You can utilize the swiping gestures to switch between calls and chats by swiping right or left of the conversation. Besides, you can quickly reply to the message by swiping left or by swiping right to share it.

It gets better since if you long-press the chat, a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to access the contents of the conversation without opening it. That way, you can read a message in “ghost mode” without the sender knowing.

Which Is Better?

The Telegram app and Telegram X are great options for secure communication. Most users are used to the regular Telegram app. However, Telegram X offers more advanced and cool features.

The bottom line is that both versions are great, and the regular Telegram is the official version, making it a better choice. However, try them out and use them depending on your goal.


Telegram X is another version launched by Telegram and offers additional features, such as night mode and bubbles mode. We’ve discussed Telegram X and its difference compared to the Telegram app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telegram X?

Telegram X initially was Challegram, but Telegram bought it, added new features, and rebranded it to fall under Telegram LLP.

Is Telegram X better than Telegram?

Telegram X offers more additional features than Telegram, making it a better alternative for the extra features. However, the regular Telegram app is still a great option and is the official messaging platform for Telegram.

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