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When Will Instagram Let Me Follow Again?

When Will Instagram Let Me Follow Again

Have you ever encountered an issue like trying to follow someone and noticing the button is not doing anything?

Such things happen, and you may be informed that your Instagram account is temporarily blocked from following more people.

You may find the problem disappearing quickly, but other users have reported that the issue has lasted longer, preventing them from carrying out important things on the platform.

Quick Answer

The issue of being blocked from following again differs in the time it takes to disappear. Sometimes it may take as little as twenty minutes, but this happens for a small percentage of accounts where the account is trusted and has lasted for a long time without any issues. Other accounts can be blocked from following for as long as 24 hours to a few days, depending on the intensity of the abuse.

Finding your Instagram account blocked is unfortunate and may stress you if you have taken the time to build your account to a certain level. To prevent you from finding yourself in such a situation, we have prepared a guide that educates you on the possible reasons that make your account be blocked from following, how long it may take to start following again and how to solve such issues.

Why Does Instagram Block You from Following?

Instagram blocks some accounts from following others because of suspicious activities being noticed or violating the platform’s terms of use.

The following are the possible reasons you are barred from following other people.

Reason #1: Following Too Many Accounts Within a Short Time

Instagram does not allow its users to use bots on its platform.

When they notice that you are following several accounts within seconds, they may assume that a bot is being used, which may result in a temporary block.

If it is a new account, take time before following people to avoid being blocked.

Reason #2: Exceeded the Maximum Follow Count

Instagram introduced the maximum number of people you can follow on the platform to 7500; if you have reached the limit, you may not be able to follow again.

If you find an important person you must follow, unfollow others first.

Reason #3: Using an Automation Service

Instagram requires that only humans handle accounts. If, by any chance, they realize you are using an automation service or a bot, it may lead your account to be banned.

If, for instance, you authorize some application to follow and like posts, Instagram will realize it and block you from following again.

Reason #4: Reported By Someone

Sometimes, if another person reports you for violating their privacy or any issue, Instagram staff or the automation algorithms may decide to take action on your account by preventing you from following temporarily.

Reason #5: Technical Bug

Instagram may block you from following others by mistake because the platform is experiencing a technical bug, but it rarely happens.

If that is the reason for your blocking, you need not worry because such blocks last only a short time.

When Will Instagram Let Me Follow Again?

Now that you have known the possible reasons why Instagram prevents you from following again, the question remains, for how long will the situation last?

In a few cases, you may receive a message indicating to you that you are blocked temporarily and indicate the time when the blocking gets lifted.

If the block has happened for the first time, the ban may take less than twenty-four hours to be lifted.

However, if you are a repeat offender, the account may take a few days, or if the offense is intense, the account may be banned permanently.

How To Fix being Blocked from Following

If you are blocked temporarily and get a message indicating the time the blocking will be lifted, it would be advisable to wait for the period to be over to avoid getting blocked again.

However, if you have been experiencing the same issue for a few days, you may need to solve the issue to start using your account normally again.

If you have not been able to follow people on Instagram for a few days, the following tips may help you solve the issue.

Method #1: Change How You access Instagram

If you were trying to follow someone through the mobile application, you need to change how you access your account and try following that person again.

For instance, if you were trying to follow on a mobile app and it failed, use the website and try the same action.

Method #2: Delete the Application

Deleting the application and re-installing it may help you deal with the issue of not being able to follow on Instagram.

Before deleting the application, navigate to settings and log out, then delete it and install it from Google Play.

Method #3: Use Facebook to Follow People

If you cannot follow someone through Instagram, you can try using Facebook.

To follow a person through Facebook, navigate to “Settings”, and under the “Follow people” heading, click on “Facebook friends”, log into Facebook and follow accounts.

Method #4: Log In to Your Account Again

Sometimes, your app may fail to follow others because of the app’s faults.

In such a case, navigate to “Settings”, and select the “Log Out” option. After a short time, use your credentials and log in again and try to follow someone.


Instagram is a great platform, but when you get that your account has been blocked, it may prevent you from performing simple tasks.

If you find you cannot follow people again because you have been blocked temporarily, don’t worry; you will be able to follow again after the blocking is uplifted.

Read this guide to discover why Instagram blocked you from following and possible solutions that you may use.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Instagram let me follow again?

There is no specific time when Instagram lifts temporary blocks, but if it is the first time you are blocked, it may take less than 24 hours. Also, if you repeat abusing the Instagram terms of use, it may take a few days or be blocked permanently.

Why is my Instagram temporarily blocked?

Instagram often block accounts because of abusing their terms of use. If you use automation software and bots on the platform, Instagram will block you.

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